Popeyes Announces The Launch Of New Merchandise Line Inspired By Beyonce’s Ivy Park

Popeyes is coming for Beyonce’s new Ivy Park X Adidas collaboration with its own spin on the clothing line. The popular fast-food chain released a collection of merchandise on Wednesday, per CNN.

Popeyes’ take will feature several uniforms its employees currently wear to work on a daily basis. The outlet reports that the decision to release the merch comes after several fans of both the restaurant and Ivy Park noticed the similarities between the uniform and Bey’s line. Employees at Popeyes currently wear ensembles in maroon-and-gold, the same colors that Beyonce opted to go with for her athleisure collaboration.

Popeyes took to its Instagram page to announce the launch. The chain posted several photos from the line, including orange dad caps with the fast-food chain’s logo on the front, maroon outerwear, and maroon shirts. Its social media team also posted the hashtag “#thatlookfromPopeyes” to commemorate the launch.

The franchise also shared that the gear would be available on a new website made specifically for the items. On the site, potential customers can purchase the merch, which ranges from $19 to $40. The models were seen rocking each item similarly to how Beyonce promoted her collection earlier this month.

Upon its announcement, many people took to social media to share their views on Popeyes’ new fashion venture. While some users found the launch comical, others shared that they were strongly considering purchasing from the brand since Beyonce’s line is currently sold out.

“‘Is that the new ivy park?’ naw girl this Popeyes,” one user tweeted.

“Y’all are about to catch me in these Popeyes fits cus I can’t afford Ivy Park,” another follower admitted.

“Popeyes said, ‘Ivy Park is sold out everywhere? We got you’ and…I might have to…” a three tweeter wrote.

Beyonce launched her Ivy Park collection on January 18. Since the line was released, thousands of fans have attempted to get their hands on the clothing and have complained about their failure to do so on social media.

The line has also been criticized for leaving out the plus-size market in its sizing choices. While artists with larger bodies like Lizzo and Missy Elliott have confirmed that they have received boxes from Bey, the line is reportedly only accessible through sizes XS-XL. Ivy Park is also more expensive than the Popeyes line, with several items having been priced between $100 and $200 before being completely sold out.

Popeyes’ merch line comes just months after its chicken sandwich had been a hot-ticket item for several months. The chain’s sandwich became so popular that it resulted in multiple physical altercations across the U.S. after being re-released in November 2019.

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