Kendall Jenner Sports Navarro Cheerleading Uniform, Stunts With Squad From ‘Cheer’

Kendall Jenner is a famous supermodel, but fans may be surprised to learn that she can also cheer. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was a cheerleader in high school, and on Thursday, she had the opportunity to relive her cheerleading days on The Ellen DeGeneres show.

Cheer is the hit new Netflix documentary show with plenty of fans, and Kendall happens to be one of them. While stopping by to chat with Ellen, Kendall gushed about her love for the show and for Navarro cheerleader Morgan Simianer. That is when Kendall was treated to a huge surprise.

A clip of the encounter uploaded to YouTube by The Ellen Show reveals Ellen saying she too loves Morgan, who then appears from backstage in her cheer uniform. Kendall is clearly excited as she jumps up to embrace Morgan. Morgan is just as excited to meet the supermodel as well. That is when Morgan reveals she has another surprise for Kendall.

“I have a surprise for you,” Morgan says as she hands Kendall a black-and-red cheer top with the words “Navarro” written on it.

“One of our cheer uniforms for you, because girl you look good in everything.”

That is not the only surprise in store, though. Kendall changes into her cheer top, pairing it with her tan dress pants. She also sports a silver bow in her hair, which is back in a ponytail. That is when the cheer squad let her know they want to stunt with her.

The squad demonstrates a “prep,” which has the flyer being lifted by two bases. When in the air, the flyer hits a “high V.” Kendall seems apprehensive to try the stunt, saying that she will attempt a thigh stand. A thigh stand is a similar stunt, but rather than being lifted into the air, the flyer stands on the thighs of the two bases.

However, Kendall decides to try the more difficult stunt and is lifted into the air by two bases. Once in the air, Kendall hits the high V position and exclaims, “This is crazy!”

After Kendall performs the stunt, Ellen producer Andy Lassner performs the same stunt. Wearing his own Navarro cheerleading uniform, Andy is lifted into the air and performs the stunt.

The squad members of Cheer are from Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas. The championship cheerleading squad previously appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show just last week.

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