Hannah Stocking Is The Spitting Image Of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn In Video With Pierson Fodé As The Joker

Hannah Stocking transformed herself into Harley Quinn for her latest hilarious Instagram video.

On Wednesday, Hannah shared a snippet of her Birds of Prey parody with her 17.5 million followers. The internet personality was the spitting image of Margot Robbie, the actress who plays Harley in the new movie.

According to the caption of Hannah’s post, her video revealed why Harley broke up with one of Gotham’s most notorious villains, the Joker. Hannah was dressed up in an elaborate costume just like the one that the psychotic clown’s former sidekick wears in Birds of Prey.

To transform into Harley Quinn, Hannah rocked a white T-shirt with the character’s name written all over it in black permanent marker. Underneath the garment, which was cut to make it an off-the-shoulder top, she was wearing a pink tank top. Hannah completed her ensemble with a pair of yellow suspenders, which she wore down, and short denim cutoffs with stars and stripes drawn on them. On her feet, she wore white ankle boots with chunky high heels.

Hannah accessorized her outfit with two silver necklaces. One was a chain choker with large links in geometric shapes, and the other had numerous star charms dangling from it.

Hannah was sporting a short, platinum blond wig with thick bangs, and she had the realistic hair styled in two pigtails. She had Harley’s black heart tattoo drawn on her face, which was covered with pale makeup. She completed her beauty look with a bright red lip and pink eyeshadow.

The video began with a shot of the Joker, played by The Bold and the Beautiful star Pierson Fodé. He was on the phone with Harley, who was standing in a parking lot waiting for him. He told her to look for him in the “red whip with the rims.” When Harley spotted a shiny red sports car, she got excited. However, it drove off to reveal that it was hiding the Joker’s real ride: a child’s red wagon. The “whip” did, however, have spinning silver rims.

Harley reluctantly climbed behind the Joker, who asked her to add some “juice” to his ride by using her legs to help him push it along.

As of this writing, Hannah’s funny video has been liked over 356,000 times. Many of her Instagram followers responded to the teaser clip by commenting on the uncanny resemblance between Hannah and Margot Robbie.

“You actually look like @margotrobbie here omg,” read one response to her post.

“You look really good as Harley,” another fan wrote.

“Are you Margot Robbie or what? You’re just like her,” a third admirer commented.

“Hottest Harley Quinn ever,” gushed a fourth commenter.

In the caption of her post, Hannah directed her fans to her full-length Birds of Prey parody on her YouTube page. The spoof included a cameo by Instagram model Jena Frumes, who recently appeared in Hannah’s wacky llama underwear video.

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