Chelsea Houska Shows Off Makeup-Free Face After Sharing Latest Skincare Secret

Teen Mom 2 fans are used to seeing stylish cast member Chelsea Houska with her makeup application done beautifully. While the mom-of-three rarely posts any makeup-free selfies for followers to see, she recently took to social media to share her latest skincare secret as well as a photo of herself without any makeup.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Chelsea shared that she was about to undergo a BBL and microlaser peel treatment. She posted a photo of herself wearing a comfy gray hoodie, with her signature red hair in a ponytail. Perhaps most noticeable was the fact that the reality show star wasn’t wearing any makeup. Despite not having her face done, she still looked fabulous as she explained to her fans in another post what exactly the treatment would do for her skin.

“BBL improves pigment, texture and tone… the micro laser peel is going to resurface and also help with texture, pores, and surface pigment,” she wrote in a post added to her Instagram stories.

“So we shall see how this process goes! Trying to take better care of my skin,” she further explained.

Following the treatment, Chelsea updated her fans with how things went and even added a second makeup-free selfie.

“Oh we just a bit red,” she wrote over a photo of herself sitting in her car. Her red hair was still up in a ponytail and her entire makeup-free face was visible.

Chelsea went on to detail the process.

“Didn’t hurt too bad. I’m excited for some nice skin,” she said.

She clarified that the post wasn’t an ad but rather her wanting to share the experience with her fans.

“Also, this isn’t an ad or anything! just wanted to be open and show you guys some stuff Im doing for ma face,” she wrote.

While it isn’t common for Chelsea Houska to share her makeup-free looks on social media, this isn’t the first time that she has posted an image of herself without makeup. Earlier this month, she took to her Instagram stories to share an “expectation vs reality” selfie in which she explained that her expectation while both of her young kids were napping was to be productive. In reality, though, the mom-of-three actually spent her free time lounging around sans makeup watching a documentary about the Jonas Brothers.

Whether she is showing off her perfectly polished look or revealing a makeup-free face to fans, there is no doubt Chelsea Houska looks fabulous either way.

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