‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Victoria Confronts Amanda

Brand-new The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Amanda shows up during Billy and Victoria’s public discussion. Victoria ends up confronting Amanda over pictures Victoria believes show Billy and Amanda in a compromising position.

Although Billy (Jason Thompson) left Victoria (Amelia Heinle), they still have children together, which is why Victoria asks Billy to meet her at Crimson Lights to discuss how to handle their co-parenting responsibilities. However, once Billy shows up, Victoria cannot help but accuse him of cheating on her. Victor (Eric Braeden) shares some potentially incriminating photos with Victoria, and she confronts Billy about them. Then, in a moment of incredibly bad timing, Amanda (Mishael Morgan) shows up at the coffee house.

Amanda actress Mishael Morgan recently discussed the bombshell storyline with Soap Opera Digest. Morgan revealed that Amanda’s untimely arrival leads Victoria to go on the attack against the woman she believes had an affair with Billy.

“Amanda is a straight shooter, so she is in many ways on Victoria’s side in this situation, but Amanda is now in a place where she has to defend herself,” explained the actress. “Victoria doesn’t know that Amanda’s moral compass is very strong and that she agrees that Billy shouldn’t be opening up to her, but at the same time, she’s not a pushover, and she stands her ground.”

Victoria insists that she has evidence proving that Billy cheated on her with Amanda, but both Billy and Amanda know that they did not cross any lines physically. Although Victoria is quick to accuse them, she isn’t willing to give up the photos that Victor passed along to her. In fact, Victoria doesn’t mention her father’s involvement in any way, which leaves both Amanda and Billy confused about what she means.

“They know they didn’t do anything inappropriate, so Amanda is curious about what this proof is,” said Morgan.

Ultimately, the whole situation is a mess, and Amanda is frustrated by the drama. She’s felt that Genoa City is a fresh start for her away from all the problems she experienced before moving, so being confronted by Victoria for something she didn’t even do is upsetting for Amanda. The lawyer hoped to get a new start in life in a brand-new town, and now it looks like her plans are falling apart. Plus, a piece from Amanda’s past happens to show up, which complicates matters even more, and Amanda could find herself in grave danger.

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