‘This Is Us’ Star Justin Hartley Says It’s Safe To Assume The Woman In Kevin’s Bed Was Just A One-Night Stand

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the This Is Us episode, “A Hell of a Week: Part Two.”

This Is Us fans are still reeling over the identity of the mystery woman in Kevin’s bed following a nostalgic trip to his Pittsburgh hometown, but series star Justin Hartley says it may not be as “serious” as everyone thinks.

In a new interview with People, Hartley admitted his character screwed up when he slept with his twin sister Kate’s best friend Madison (Caitlin Thompson). The lovelorn duo presumably fell into bed after sipping tea and commiserating over their mutual failed relationships.

The actor also teased that Kevin’s unexpected encounter with his sister’s bestie could ultimately be nothing more than a one-night stand.

“For now you can assume that’s what it was because they both found themselves in a very vulnerable position,” Hartley said. “She said some things to him that really caught his ear.”

The actor went on to explain Madison’s place in Kevin’s life and why things took an unexpected turn when he found himself alone with her after finally closing the chapter on his relationship with his childhood sweetheart Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) in Pittsburgh. The actor admitted that because Madison is “part of the family,” it makes it “a sticky and tricky situation.”

“If she wasn’t, then it wouldn’t be a thing,” Hartley explained of Kevin’s one-nighter. “But because she is, it’s like, ‘Man, of all the people, you had to choose this one?'”

Hartley explained that Kevin sometimes gets caught up in the moment and “thinks more with his heart than his brain,” but he noted that Madison also said “the right things to him” during an emotional time and she “wasn’t turning him away.” The actor added that Madison was there for Kevin during a time of need.

Fans had very mixed opinions on the identity of the woman in Kevin’s bed, especially since it is possible that she could also turn out to be his still-unidentified pregnant fiancée that was mentioned in the Big Three’s 40th birthday flash forward.

This Is Us executive producer Isaac Aptaker told Entertainment Weekly that fans may have not seen Kevin in bed — or anywhere else — with his future wife just yet.

“Kevin’s not exactly a prude,” Aptaker said. “There’s certainly the possibility that there’s another woman down the line, too. Until we say, ‘Oh, there’s a pregnant lady who’s saying, “Kevin, this is your baby,”‘ I think everything’s up for grabs.”

This Is Us fans have long been trying to piece together clues to figure out who the eventual mother of Kevin’s baby will be. While some are still hoping it will be Sophie, others would prefer to see The Manny star end up with military veteran Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison) or perhaps even someone entirely new.

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