Ellen DeGeneres Gives Hoda Kotb A Shirtless Blake Shelton Poster For Her Bachelorette Party

Hoda Kotb left The Ellen DeGeneres Show (as seen on YouTube) with a special parting gift.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, The Today Show host sat down with Ellen on Wednesday. Hoda talked about how she and fiancé Joel Schiffman are planning a “simple” fall wedding, but Ellen wanted to make sure that her fellow talk show host thoroughly enjoyed herself before her walk down the aisle.

Ellen and Hoda had been talking about the latter’s “accident prone” Today Show co-host Savannah Guthrie when Ellen abruptly changed the topic of the conversation to Hoda’s pre-wedding plans.

“I don’t know if you’re having a bachelorette party, but if you are, you know, you play all these fun games at bachelorette parties where you pin the tail on the donkey and things like that,” Ellen said. “I got something for you for the bachelorette party.”

Ellen then had a member of her show’s crew walk out to the set. He had a rolled-up poster in his hands, and he dramatically unrolled it to reveal a shirtless photo of country music singer Blake Shelton. The Voice coach was sporting a hairless, chiseled chest and sculpted abs that clearly weren’t his own, and he was rocking a pair of his beloved blue jeans. A red and white target was covering up the crotch area.

Hoda burst out laughing when she turned around and saw the poster.

“You like Blake Shelton,” Ellen said as Hoda continued staring at the image.

“That’s about perfect,” a smiling Hoda responded. “That is about perfect.”

She then eagerly took the poster, giggling as she rolled it up and thanking Ellen for the early wedding gift.

“Sorry, Joel,” Ellen quipped.

Hoda later took to Instagram to update her fans on the poster’s fate. She revealed that she had stashed it in the overheard compartment during her flight and that it had made it safely home with her.

Blake’s girlfriend, No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani, saw Hoda’s post and showed it some love by sharing a screenshot of it on her Instagram stories.

Hoda’s followers were also fans of the Blake poster.

“Woohoo!!Nice target!!!”read one response to her post.

“Great show and LOVE the poster!!” another social media user wrote.

“@blakeshelton I think you need to make a special visit to see Hoda,” quipped a third commenter.

“Omg @hodakotb I want that poster chicky!!!!!!” a fourth envious admirer remarked.

As most Hoda fans know, she has a massive crush on Blake. She’s said that her feelings for the “Hell Right” singer are “authentic,” and she couldn’t help but blush and giggle when she and Blake hung out together in Nashville last summer for an episode of The Today Show.

You can watch the magical moment that Hoda gets her special Blake poster in the video below.

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