Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Port Charles Is In Chaos After Mob Attack

ABC has finally started airing new episodes of General Hospital again, and spoilers tease that there are big developments are on the horizon. The episode made available on Wednesday contained a lot of intense action, and Thursday’s show will focus on the wild aftermath.

During Wednesday’s episode, Sonny’s organization was attacked on three fronts. Not only did Jason, Mike, and Sonny have to dive for cover while at a bar in Brooklyn — shots also rang out at the pier at the warehouse.

As the show ended, Laura had been hit at the pier and Carly was cowering at the warehouse. General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s episode suggest that Dustin will show up at the pier and intervene, leaving Josslyn feeling even more appreciative of him than she already was.

Michael and Sasha will be fine, but Laura will be rushed to General Hospital. It’s hinted that she’ll need surgery and that Finn will be the one to head to the operating room.

Jax and Nina shared a kiss at the Crimson office, and things will be a bit awkward between them afterward. Spoilers from Soap Central indicate that this situation will be cut short as Jax gets a frantic call from Josslyn and rushes off to check on her.

At the warehouse, a mystery man is said to step in and save Carly. General Hospital spoilers tease that while Carly won’t know who he is, she’ll quickly realize that he’s not one of Sonny’s guys either.

Instead, Gladys will recognize him and viewers will learn that he is her son Brando. It turns out that Brando isn’t dead after all, but the scoop on why he’s at the warehouse has yet to be revealed.

As it seems, both Chase and Jordan will jump into action and start asking a lot of questions. They’ll be anxious to figure out who is behind this multi-location ambush, but they won’t get any immediate answers.

Sonny, Mike, and Jason will head back to Port Charles as quickly as they can, and spoilers note that Mike will be quite rattled by all that has happened. Returning to Port Charles will mean that Sonny likely has to let go of trying to get his father in that trial, but it seems he’ll realize he needs to head home.

It was a long stretch of preemptions for fans and they are thrilled to have General Hospital back. For now, those viewers whose episodes get preempted as Donald Trump’s impeachment trial continues can find the new shows on or the network’s mobile app after 8 p.m. EST each night. The shows are also available the next day on Hulu.

Who is behind this mob war? General Hospital spoilers hint that this is going to be a massive battle with juicy twists and turns, and people cannot wait to dive back into the action again.

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