‘General Hospital’ Ready To Resume Airing New Episodes, But It’s A Bit Complicated

Just as General Hospital fans across much of the United States were resigning themselves to another preempted episode, the show’s social media accounts shared a significant update. ABC is ready to resume airing new shows again, despite the continued coverage of the Trump impeachment trial currently taking place in the Senate. However, not all fans will be able to watch these new GH shows as usual.

Shortly after the show would usually begin airing for the Eastern and Central time zones, a major update was posted on the General Hospital Twitter page.

“An all-new episode of #GH is coming your way today. It will air in areas not impacted by the ongoing news coverage and be made available online for those which are. All you’ll need to watch is an internet connection. Come back here after 8PM EST for direct access. See you then!” detailed the tweet.

That is good news for those General Hospital fans who live in areas of the U.S. where the Senate impeachment trial has not been taking over the show’s usual time slot. However, it seems that — at least for now — a significant chunk of the country will have to wait until the evening and go online to see the day’s show.

Some Canadian fans immediately wondered where they stood in this, as they are not necessarily able to access the usual online options that U.S. viewers can. It would seem likely that Canadians will jump back into seeing new episodes on a daily basis rather than encore shows, but it doesn’t look as if ABC has directly addressed this specific question yet.

Fans have been vocal in noting their frustration with the lack of new episodes over the past week. Many have been begging for ABC to put the new shows online, rather than push them out day after day, and it seems the network finally decided to go that route.

How well will it work to have parts of the country watch the new episodes as usual and others having to track it down online via ABC or Hulu? This might seem a bit complicated for a fair number of fans, but everybody will be hoping that this workaround won’t have to last for long.

It seems that ABC will have additional details to share Wednesday evening as they put together a system for ensuring ready access for all of their anxious General Hospital fans. Spoilers tease that the next few episodes are not to be missed and everybody is definitely ready to get back to the action again.

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