Brittany Cartwright Breaks Down After Being Met With ‘Don’t Do It’ Sign At Nightclub During Bachelorette Party

Brittany Cartwright will be seen breaking down on tonight’s new episode of Vanderpump Rules after being confronted with a sign that read, “Don’t Do It, Brittany,” as she attempted to celebrate her bachelorette party with her co-stars and friends.

During Tuesday’s episode of E!’s Pop of the Morning, Ariana Madix, who was present for the bash in Miami, said that while she and her group had a very fun night as they enjoyed the moments leading up to Cartwright’s wedding to Jax Taylor, they were met with some drama after Kristen Doute seemingly prompted Cartwright to get upset about the sign.

“It was a very fun night,” Madix said, according to a clip shared on YouTube.

As for the sign, Madix said that while Cartwright appeared to take personal offense to the nightclub’s presentation, at least after speaking to Doute, who slammed the club for being “so rude” and “tacky,” it was actually normal for the venue to display such a sign.

“They do that sign for every bachelorette party. So, it wasn’t a dig at Brittany and I hope that you guys see how much fun she actually did end up having at the party,” Madix shared.

Madix then noted that she was completely unaware of just how much Doute put in the head of Cartwright in regard to the sign and said her co-star should have instead been rallying for a wild bachelorette party.

While Cartwright was initially amused by the message seen on the sign, she was later seen crying after being convinced that the notion was some sort of attack on her relationship.

Although Cartwright and her now-husband have dealt with their fair share of drama on Vanderpump Rules, they appreciate the opportunities that have come their way as a result of their reality roles and recently said that they have no plans to walk away from the series anytime soon.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Taylor and Cartwright were asked about their Bravo futures during an interview with E!’s The Daily Pop last week.

“I don’t think there could be [a ‘Vanderpump Rules’ without Jax Taylor],” Cartwright admitted, according to a clip posted on YouTube on January 21.

“It’s going really good right now. So, we’re just going with it. I’m having a good time with it right now. Until I like, absolutely hate it, then I would bow out but it’s fun right now,” Taylor added.

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