Nathan Griffith Responds After Jenelle Evans’ Latest YouTube Video: ‘I’m Not Getting Into That Drama’

Jenelle Evans recently uploaded a video to YouTube in which she answered questions from fans, including her co-parenting relationship with ex Nathan Griffith. In the video, Jenelle seemed to suggest that Nathan “liked her.” Nathan is now speaking out in response. According to a report from Champion Daily, Nathan spoke to the site and explained what is going on.

“Yeah, I’m not getting into that drama,” Nathan explained.

Following Jenelle’s move from North Carolina to Tennessee, Nathan was spotted at a skating rink with Jenelle and two of her kids, including her 5-year-old son that she shares with him. Rumors started swirling that the two were reconciling, but it turns out the two were simply working on co-parenting. In the new interview, Nathan explained that co-parenting with Jenelle was going well, at least for a while. He explained that there was a “fall out.”

“We were getting along great but somewhere along the line there was a fall out, once again. Her continuously making ridiculous accusations and pretty much going off on me like always,” Nathan explained.

He noted that he could say “a lot more,” but didn’t want to play a “back and forth game.”

“At the end of the day there is still a child involved in this mess and feelings need to ALWAYS be pushed to the side for the better purpose of Kaiser.”

It sounds like Nathan Griffith does not have any intentions of reconciling with Jenelle on a romantic level, but rather is focusing on co-parenting with her for their son.

In Jenelle’s latest video, she explained that she and Nathan had been getting along, but that they were no longer “on the same level.” It seems like she and Nathan agree on that aspect of things and both acknowledge they are not exactly getting along at the moment. However, where things differ is where Jenelle claimed Nathan “liked her a lot.” Nathan seems to deny that he likes Jenelle romantically.

There have also been rumors that Jenelle is getting back together with her estranged husband David Eason. However, she addressed those rumors in her latest video and denied that she was getting back together with him. Rather, she explained that she was working on co-parenting with David, who she shares her 3-year-old daughter with. For now, Jenelle Evans admits that she is single and focusing on herself as well as raising her three kids.

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