Blake Shelton Hides Love For Nick Jonas In Hilarious New ‘The Voice’ Promo

Blake Shelton hides his love for new coach Nick Jonas in a hilarious promo for the latest season of The Voice with some help from fellow co-stars Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. Blake, the senior member of the reality series coaching staff, appears blissfully unaware as to who Nick is in the cute clip with hysterical results.

As the promo begins, John approaches Blake, who is nervously standing in the doorway of his dressing room, when the “Conversations in the Dark” singer asks if he has met Nick Jonas yet. Blake appears to not know who Nick is, calling him “Rick” even after John shows him a selfie taken with the Jonas Brothers member on his cellphone.

As the two speak, Kelly appears in the hallway wearing a T-shirt in support of their new coach. Kelly looks chic, wearing a shirt with Nick’s face emblazoned in the middle, a form-fitting tailored jacket, and tight, dark jeans tucked into knee-high boots. Her hair is loose and long, and she is wearing her signature hoop earrings and red lipstick.

The first American Idol winner appears happy to welcome the newest coach to The Voice family, but she also appears puzzled as to how Blake claims not to know who Nick is. That is until both John and Kelly look into Blake’s dressing room, where a creepy shrine to Nick is set up.

Every inch of wall space is covered with images of the former Disney Channel superstar, including life-size cutouts of the handsome singer and songwriter. There are also lamps with Nick’s face on them, a clock, and a poster that reads “Stay Calm and Dream of Nick Jonas.”

Suddenly, Nick appears and Blake fangirls in front of the singer, looking at him with dreamy eyes as Nick admits he is “psyched” to be on the show.

After the show’s title card appears, which states the series will return on Monday, February 24, the final image in the clip depicts show host Carson Daly with a life-size oil painting of Blake and Nick standing together holding white rabbits. He tells Blake he has a delivery and the longest-running Voice coach directs him to bring it to his dressing room.

Fans thought the clip was sidesplitting and shared their thoughts in the video’s comments section.

“This is the best promo video ever!” said a happy fan, who loved the interplay between the four coaches.

“This was so funny! Blake is not only a sensational singer, but if he ever wants to get into Stand up comedy he will be a success. All the supporting cast are exceptional as well. Looking forward to the Voice — I’m actually going to be watching the full season — missed out on most of it last year. Nick will be a great judge,” said a second fan.

“I am there with Blake Shelton,” joked a third fan of Nick Jonas.

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