Kyle Shanahan’s Wife, Mandy, Is A Bit Superstitious

Kyle Shanahan’s wife, Mandy, tends to be superstitious when it comes to her husband winning football games.

While there are a lot of elements of Super Bowl LIV that are uncertain at this time, including the outcome, score, and player statistics, there is one thing that fans can count on and that’s Kyle Shanahan’s outfit. As fans of the San Francisco 49ers are well-aware, the team’s coach has stuck to the same choice of clothing throughout the entire season, an outfit that consists of a white San Francisco 49ers pullover paired with a red hat with the team’s logo.

While most coaches switch it up from week to week, wearing a wide range of different athletic gear on the sidelines, Shanahan has opted to sport the same pullover and hat for every game. But it hasn’t exactly been his choice to wear the repeat look, it has a lot to do with his wife, Mandy, and her strong beliefs. The famous coach recently sat down with ESPN’s Chris Berman where he discussed the reason behind his now-famous game attire, as reported by 49ers Web Zone.

Shanahan’s Wife Mandy Fears The Team Will Lose If Her Husband Changes His Game Day Look

In the Berman interview, Shanahan shared that Mandy has pushed him to wear the same attire due to the team’s success. If he were to switch it up, she thinks it would result in a loss, which is why she has pushed him to wear a repeat outfit. According to the coach, he would love to try and wear something different, but Mandy’s superstitions have gotten in the way of his plans.

“I wore a red hat earlier in the year, and now she’s so superstitious that if I take that off, I may lose. It will only be because of that, according to her,” he shared. “So I’m usually going with my red hat and my white shirt.”

Shanahan Explained His Style & Why He Hates The Typical Suit And Tie

During the same interview, the 40-year-old explained his fashion style, sharing that he is not trying to be the “old guy” who is trying to look cool, but rather he likes to stick to his roots. Shanahan shared that he tries to wear clothing to practice that he would wear outside of work, noting that his style is pretty casual.

“They started making some better things on game days with the hats and things like that, so at least you can take it to game day instead of wearing those old dockers, and all the stuff they used to make us wear,” he shared.

Shanahan also said that his players know him very well and his choice of wardrobe has become the subject of plenty of chatter this season. And as for a suit and tie? Shanahan says that he would never even fathom wearing one because that’s just not who he is. The coach thinks that if he were to step outside of the box and wear something that was dressier, his players would tease him “mercilessly” because they know the kind of casual guy he is.

It goes without saying that football fans will see Shanahan on the sidelines of Super Bowl LIV in his typical white pullover and red hat, hoping that keeping the cycle going will contribute to just one more win this season.

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