Bombshell Fitness Trainer Kayla Itsines Powers Through Intense Ab Challenge In Yellow Sports Bra And Shorts

Kayla Itsines gave her 12.1 million Instagram followers some “fitspiration” this weekend when she shared an intense ab workout that was sure to have them working up a sweat.

The short video clip was shared to the Australian fitness trainer’s Instagram page on Sunday and saw her performing a series of core exercises. She noted in the caption of her post that the routine was only one of several ab regimens available for those taking her SWEAT challenge, and it certainly looked like a rigorous circuit.

Kayla wore a neon yellow sports bra and tiny black shorts for the sweat session, the combination of which showcased her chiseled midsection and sculpted legs. She also sported a pair of white sneakers and her Apple watch, and tied her dark tresses into a sleek ponytail that sat on top of her head.

The 28-year-old kicked off her workout with a set of straight-leg lateral raises, which she completed while laying on her back on top of a purple exercise mat. She then transitioned into bent-leg toe taps — an exercise that resembled a sit up, though her legs were lifted in the air and bent at the knee. Following these was a set of bent-leg jackknives.

Kayla transitioned from laying on her back to a push-up position for the last two parts of her ab routine. She completed a set of X-planks, which saw her bring one arm back to tap the opposite foot. To wrap up the training session, Kayla performed an exercise called a commando. She started off resting on her forearms into a plank position, but then lifted herself up to balance on her hands in a push-up position.

Fans of the popular personal trainer were certainly intrigued by her workout routine, which has been viewed nearly 500,000 times and earned over 28,000 likes. Hundreds took to the comments section of the upload as well to share their thoughts on the series of exercises.

“Awesome. I’m excited to go for it,” one person wrote.

“It hurts but it was a good one,” said another.

“The ab challenges have been my favorite,” commented a third.

“Did it! Yes it burned…but in that good way,” a fourth noted.

While Kayla has her own fitness program, she often takes to her Instagram account to share exercises with her followers as well. Another recent addition to her page included several clips showing the different variations of lunges for her fans to try, and certainly proved popular, as they were awarded over 31,000 likes.

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