‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason & Sam Can’t Stay Away From Each Other

Once Sam was released from prison last month on General Hospital, it seemed like she and Jason would live happily ever after, at least for a little while. However, it was not meant to be. Despite her early release, this fan-favorite couple are being forced apart once again, but that certainly hasn’t stopped them. The lovebirds are expected to continue to see each other secretly for the next two weeks, as Soap Central has indicated.

Of course, any soap spoilers that come along totally depends on how the week’s new episodes will air either in between or after the Trump impeachment coverage. While it’s not for certain how General Hospital will handle any future interruptions, viewers will for sure get to see the upcoming new episodes in order when they choose to show them. So, Jason and Sam’s secret meetings will continue while they are trying to figure out what to do about their situation they find themselves in.

Thanks to Sam’s parole officer, Jason is supposed to stay out of her and their kids’ lives since he does have mob connections. More spoilers say that Sam will be struggling to figure out how she will handle her parole officer. Will she be confronting her soon? “JasSam” fans are not happy that their favorite couple are being forced apart in this way. They were thrilled when she got released for Christmas, but their sweet reunion took a turn for the worse.

They made a deal with Robert Scorpio that if they can get evidence on Peter August’s involvement with the attempted homicide of Franco and Andre, then he will in turn help Sam. They have yet to get the evidence that Robert is looking for, but maybe Spinelli can help with that. He will be meeting up with Sam to help her nail Peter.

If Sam and Jason get caught sneaking around with each other, Sam could be going right back to Pentonville and away from her kids again. It’s likely, however, that Robert will end up helping them out if they can take Peter down together. General Hospital fans will be thrilled with Peter getting nabbed for his misdeeds as well.

The mob war is heating things up in Port Charles, as The Inquisitr had previously detailed, and that certainly won’t help Sam’s case at all when it comes to Jason Morgan. He will be right in the middle of it as he has a shootout with Sonny’s unknown enemy. The drama will escalate soon when the new episodes resume hopefully soon.

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