‘The Office’ Promises ‘Big’ And ‘Emotional’ Finale

The Office is ending soon, with just seven episodes left until the series finale. So what should we expect from the nearly decade-old show’s ending? Cast and crew promise a “big” and “emotional” finale, which will make longtime fans “laugh and cry.”

At the show’s finale party, series star Angela Kinsey told TVLine that the cast got very emotional while reading the script for the final episode.

“I think the fans are going to be very happy,” Kinsey said. “When we read the finale … I was laughing and crying, and I think that’s all you can hope for, to laugh and cry. I actually think there’s a lot of laughs.”

Rainn Wilson praised the finale’s script, telling the outlet: “Greg Daniels, our showrunner … has a really deft touch with dealing with real, deep and truthful emotion and just absurd wackiness. He balanced both of those very well in this final episode.”

“Erin has a spectacular end that I can’t really tell you about,” actress Ellie Kemper said. “It involves some amazing people that I also can’t tell you about, but I’m really happy with how we see her in the last episode. … Basically my wishes for her send-off came true.”

Jenna Fischer said that she was “very happy with how the entire show wrapped up” and was especially happy with the conclusion to the Jim and Pam relationship.

“I think this year we really portrayed them as a real married couple with real obstacles,” Fischer said. “People often don’t really deal with change well and Pam didn’t deal with the idea of Jim changing and his job changing. So I’m really proud of us for tackling some of those things in a realistic way and not a soap-opera way.”

Showrunner and creator Daniels promised a “big” finale, and said that he was willing to “beg NBC” to let him make the final episode as big as possible to satisfy longtime fans of The Office.

“There are so many great characters that we all really cared about, so the biggest task was finding a story structure where they could have stories inside of it that would pay off and fit it all into the time frame,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “These characters have been in my head taking up room for 10 years … so it was personally important to me that I figure out what their end and closure was.”

Though the show wrapped up production for good last week, Ed Helms isn’t saying goodbye to the friends he’s made through the experience.

“We hang out as it is, so there will be much more of that,” Helms said. “These are my dearest friends and family.”

Check out some of The Office cast’s farewell tweets below. Are you looking forward to the series finale?

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