‘The Young And The Restless’ Stars Michael Mealor & Hunter King Share Cute Team ‘Skyle’ Moments

The Young and the Restless stars Michael Mealor and Hunter King, who play Kyle Abbott and Summer Newman and the CBS Daytime drama, shared some cute team “Skyle” moments and revealed some possible spoilers recently on social media.

In a cute, 14 second video he posted to social media, Mealor revealed that he and his c0-star had just wrapped up filming several scenes featuring Summer and Kyle. Then the actor showed off a special gift he and King received from fans. Supporters of the on-screen pairing sent Mealor and King personalized Yeti mugs in dark blue and turquoise that had “team Skyle” in silver imprinted on them.

Both actors thanked fans for their support. King said that she loved the fans so much, and Mealor agreed. As he continued to say, “thank you,” King stole the cup he held. She quickly ran out of the frame, and Mealor looked surprised as he chased after her.

Fans loved seeing the fun behind-the-scenes moments with the actors, and the tweet received more than 1,200 “likes” and well over 100 retweets. Plus, lots of viewers chimed in expressing their delight.

“Honestly, I’ve watched this video every bit as much as the #Skyle kiss. I am glad you get two along off-screen so well,” replied one happy follower, referencing and upcoming kiss between the actors on-screen that was shown in a recent Y&R spoilers video.

“Hunter is so precious. I hope good things for Summer! And not for nothing, Skyle has way better chemistry than Kola. Maybe @YandR_CBS is rectifying that mistake,” replied another viewer.

“We love you guys! #TeamSkyle all the way. Thanks for everything you bring to the screen. Absolute legends! #YR,” a third fan wrote, including a red heart emoji.

“That’s really sweet of your fans. I am team Lola to dump Kyle. Love that actress as well. She deserves respect, not hate,” wrote a fourth follower who also gave props to Lola actress, Sasha Calle.

On Monday, Kyle and Summer share a kiss after experiencing a big success during their business trip to San Francisco. Things don’t go any further than that, and Summer ends up feeling stupid after the passionate moment. However, the kiss sends shockwaves through Kyle, and he ends up telling his wife about the whole thing. Although he promises Lola that the kiss meant nothing and things didn’t go any further, Lola is understandably not thrilled. Mealor warned fans of the pairing that they should worry.

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