Olivia Culpo Flaunts Toned Abs In Stunning Floral Ensemble Featuring Crop Top & Matching Coat

Olivia Culpo has proven time and time again that she is a fashionista, and she is not afraid to show her stuff. Her recent stroll through the streets of New York City gave her another opportunity to flaunt another amazing design. The Daily Mail revealed a few photos of the brunette bombshell wearing a floral outfit that may have gotten plenty of stares as she enjoyed her Friday outing in the Big Apple.

The former Miss Universe was seen donning a three-piece ensemble that seemed to fit her perfectly and also showed off her keen sense of style. The dark blue outfit featured a pretty white floral pattern. The high-neck crop top she was wearing exposed her well-toned abs that could be seen in full display. The waistline of her pants came just below her belly button and was snug-fitting around her ankles. The third piece of the outfit was a matching coat that hung down to her knees. She completed the attire with gold stilettos and a black pocketbook with gold trim.

Culpo let her brown locks flow down around her shoulders and featured a middle part with the ends curled softly for a smooth and chic style. She had on a face full of makeup to go along with her choice of clothing for the day. The 27-year-old’s well-defined eyebrows stood out with smoky eyes and a touch of color on her cheeks. She finished her sultry look with medium pink lipstick.

Olivia Culpo appeared to be on a mission while out in New York, and according to her Instagram stories, she was indeed on her way to do some business. She was seen on the social media platform wearing the same outfit as she was doing some clothing design and divulging that there would be some exciting stuff happening soon. She certainly seemed to be in her element as she contemplated on certain pieces of clothing items. She also previewed a handful of specially designed outfits.

Instagram seems to be where Olivia Culpo loves to share her latest fashion picks. You can catch her in some very sexy snaps that she shares quite frequently. As The Inquisitr had previously detailed, one particular post had her in a pair of black fitted pants and a white top. This time she had her long hair pulled back into a tight updo and also accessorized with large hoop earrings and gold bracelets. She looked especially put together and ready to do some business.

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