WWE News: Photos Show A Lot Of Empty Seats For Tonight’s NXT ‘Worlds Collide’ Event

Professional wrestling isn’t nearly as popular as it used to be, but WWE still continues to bring in plenty of fans for each live event. On Saturday evening, NXT and NXT UK faced off against one another in a special event known as Worlds Collide exclusively on the WWE Network. The event was timed to coincide with Royal Rumble weekend. While it’s true that many wrestling events aren’t pure sell-outs anymore, photos from tonight’s event prove that ticket sales remained rather slow.

The event brought the two NXT brands together to face off in a series of matches held in Houston, the site of Sunday night’s Royal Rumble.

In recent weeks, there were whispers that tickets weren’t selling overly well for the NXT vs. NXT UK event, but no official numbers were released.

Ringside News reported that ticket sales weren’t great for Worlds Collide, and some photos from the event offer proof. In the pictures, viewers can clearly see that the hard camera side is empty in the Toyota Center.

Another shot of those in attendance showed that there were a good number of empty seats on both sides of the ring.

While there were empty seats at Worlds Collide, it doesn’t mean that the event was a failure. Huge matches on the card made it a highly anticipated WWE Network event. It appears as if there wasn’t a ton of interest for fans to attend the show in person.

Wrestling promotions like WWE will often move fans from other seats on the hard camera side, where the TV cameras are set up, to the TV side, or the side shown on TV, to make sure things look good for the broadcast.

Back in December, a picture made the rounds from the WWE Network special called Starrcade, as reported by The Inquisitr. It was very much the same case with that event, as the hard camera side featured a lot of empty seats that wouldn’t be shown to the fans at home.

With superstars from both NXT and NXT UK on the card, one would think that there would have been more tickets sold for Worlds Collide. Still, those superstars on the card put on an incredible event with some great matches. Photos like this are always going to circulate with speculation making it worse than it is, but the fans in attendance seemed to be having a great time.

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