Sony Says 100 Games Coming To Vita This Year

Sony says that they are going to be launching as many as 100 games for the Vita by the end of 2o13. This particular announcement comes while some people wonder just how committed to the handheld console the company is.

While Sony has always used the handheld as sort of a complement to the PS3, it appears the company is going to be making moves to make it the device more of a standalone device. While they make that move, they are also seeing sales for the device dropping.

In Japan the Vita saw a price drop and in the United States there were at least a few quick sales. Sony seems to be taking the approach that if they can offer up more games that their handheld will eventually be able to stand on its own.

The Vita will be getting 100 titles in 2013 as a way to reverse the negative opinions that people have about the device. PlayStation’s Director of Product Planning and Platform Software Innovation Don Mesa made it clear that the games wouldn’t be all smaller titles either

Mesa made the comment that there will be some big titles coming as well. Mesa also talked about the numbers when it comes to usage and sales. Mesa said that a third of the games sold for the device are digital. He feels that means that users are finding it more attractive and easier to simply download games.

Mesa also said that people who play the handheld are playing it quite a bit. He said that the average number of hours the user plays can be more than 18.7 per week.

While there will be big budget games on the horizon, there will be well known indies as well. Thomas Was Alone, Lone Survivor, Frozen Synapse and others will be featured this year.

Does Sony’s announcement make the Vita more attractive to you?

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