Singer Chase Rice Opens Up About His Appearance On ‘The Bachelor’

During the next episode of The Bachelor, singer Chase Rice will be performing during one of Peter Weber’s one-on-one dates. Spoilers have teased that this is ultimately more than just a simple performance, and now the singer is sharing his latest thoughts on the situation.

Fans of The Bachelor know that it is nothing new to have a private or semi-private concert take place during a date. When it comes to Chase appearing, however, there was a twist that is a franchise first. Spoilers detail that Victoria Fuller got this date with Peter and that Victoria and Chase used to be romantically involved.

Shortly after this date was filmed last fall, Chase acknowledged his involvement in the unusual situation. He noted that while he had known Victoria was going on the show, he didn’t anticipate that he would be slated to perform on a date involving her.

Now Chase is speaking about the experience again with the episode involving his appearance about to air. As Nash Country Daily details, the singer didn’t hold back. Chase recently called in to The Ty Bentli Show and discussed both The Bachelor and the new music he is dropping in the midst of the attention he is receiving.

“The thing is, I knew [Victoria] was going to be on the show going into the very beginning of it, and we talked about it. We were just like, ‘You know what? They’re not going to do that. There’s no way. They’re not going to involve me in the storyline.’ And sure enough, we underestimated them,” Chase details.

Some long-time fans of The Bachelor might be prone to say that it was perhaps naive of Chase and Victoria to not see this coming. Previews tease that it certainly rattled Victoria, and it definitely caused some drama among the ladies later on.

“It just seemed really unnecessary to be honest… I have zero desire to be part of some BS TV drama. I could care less about that. This was not a coincidence,” Chase continued.

The country singer may not have been happy to be incorporated into the drama of Peter’s season this way, but it seems he has done what he can to use it to his advantage. He said that he is dropping his new album now in hopes that his appearance on Monday night will give him a boost in sales.

Chase said that if producers were going to throw him under the bus, he was going to put out his next album earlier than originally planned and later thank them for helping him become the No. 1 album.

Viewers will only see Chase for a small portion of Monday’s show, but the situation will impact relationships throughout the rest of Episode 4. Will the singer’s decision to release his album early be a successful strategy?

The Bachelor spoilers suggest that Victoria’s connection to Chase doesn’t ultimately end up being that big a deal to Peter. However, there’s more drama connected to this contestant coming later down the road.

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