Kentucky Christian School That Expelled Girl Purportedly For Eating Rainbow Birthday Cake Sued

The parents of a teenage girl have filed a lawsuit against her former school, alleging that the private Christian Kentucky institution saw photos of her eating a rainbow cake, concluded wrongly that she’s gay, and expelled her, NBC News reports.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the teenager, identified in court documents only as “K.K.,” was expelled earlier this year from Whitefield Academy, a private Christian school in Louisville, Kentucky, following a series of events that remain in dispute.

K.K.’s mother, Kimberly, says that back in December, the family went to a Texas Roadhouse restaurant to celebrate the young girl’s 15th birthday. The birthday girl wore a sweatshirt with a rainbow on it, and ate a cake that was rainbow-themed.

The rainbow flag has been used as a symbol of the LGBTQ community, and appears on flags, clothing, signs, and other things within the community.

As for K.K., her mother says that she sometimes has tomboy tendencies but is not gay. What’s more, she says that the cake was not intended to represent the LGBTQ flag, and even produced a receipt from the bakery that simply said “assorted colors.”

Nevertheless, the photos made their way to the attention of K.K.’s school, and she was expelled, as Kimberly learned in an email.

“[The picture] demonstrates a posture of morality and cultural acceptance contrary to that of Whitefield Academy’s beliefs [and follows two years of] lifestyle violations,” the email said.

“Essentially, the school expelled K.K. because they believed that K.K. was gay… Whitefield invaded K.K.’s privacy, defamed K.K., breached its contract with K.K.’s parents Kimberly Alford and Mike Kenney, and inflicted serious emotional distress on K.K.,” the lawsuit states.

Whitefield has declined requests for comment. However, back when the news first broke, Whitefield’s principal, Bruce Jacobson, said that there was more to the story than the girl supposedly being expelled for eating a cake with colors referencing the LGBTQ community.

Specifically, Jacobson claimed that K.K.’s previous two years at the school had been marked by repeated disciplinary problems, and that the cake was the final straw. He noted that Whitefield students can face a “progression of discipline” if their behavior doesn’t improve, and that said discipline could end in the student’s expulsion.

K.K.’s parents deny that she had a history of discipline problems at Whitefield. Her mother says that she had been last disciplined in October of 2019, when she was caught with Juul pods in her pocket. Her mother claimed Kayla had stayed out of trouble since then.

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