Archos GamePad Hits US With $180 Pricetag

The Archos GamePad is finally hitting US shores and its bringing a $180 pricetag with it. This device is basically an Android based handheld gaming console that comes complete with buttons and a joystick.

The device should be able to become quite popular who love some of the games that are offered on Android and iOS devices but don’t like the interface that comes along with them. Running Android 4.1 means that the handheld has Jelly Bean operating system.

The Archos GamePad isn’t exactly a top of the line tablet, but it does come equipped with a 1.6GHz dual-core CPU. The tablet also includes 1 GB RAM and a Mali-400 MP GPU. The screen comes complete with 1024 x 600 resolution. There isn’t a ton of storage, with just 8 GB but for the price, that isn’t too bad.

The 7-inch screen is kind of perfect for this kind of handheld gaming console because the device will actually easily fit in the palm of your hand. Because its Android, some people may stay away from the device, but if you are bored with the offerings of the PSP or the 3DS or the Vita then you might find this a nice change.

The $180 price tag means that this is quite a bit less than what the PS Vita costs. It is also a little bit more than the Nintendo 3DS so it depends on what kind of handheld you really have an interest in. Considering that the games for Android are quite a bit less than the major game makers, you can save money on the back end.

The gaming tablet had actually been released in Europe late last year and was taking some time to finally get to the United States. I was originally expected to hit store shelves in February but is finally being offered up on several online retailers.

Will you be looking to get the Archos GamePad anytime soon?

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