A New ‘The Bachelor’ Spinoff Show Is Reportedly In The Works, ‘Summer Games’ Could Be On The Horizon

Fans of The Bachelor franchise could be getting a bonus spinoff series this summer. Blogger Reality Steve shared some scoop on Friday regarding what he is hearing and it sounds like ABC is gearing up to take advantage of the buzz over the upcoming Summer Olympics much as the network did with the Winter Olympics in 2018.

As fans of The Bachelor will remember, ABC pulled together a bunch of former contestants to create The Bachelor Winter Games two years ago. The show was essentially Bachelor in Paradise with Olympic-themed competitions and activities thrown in. The spinoff aired around the same time as the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Now, Reality Steve says he hears that the network has been working on a similar show in anticipation of the Olympic Games set to take over television this summer. While his prediction doesn’t sound like a done deal yet, the concept does appear to be in a serious stage of development.

“(REPORT): I’m hearing Bachelor production is asking around for contestants to be on Summer Games. Hearing it would film in May and, I assume, air like Winter Games did. It will NOT replace BIP. Both would still air this summer,” Reality Steve detailed via Twitter.


“Contestants from the franchise, not just any randoms to be on. My guess is they would do some international contestants again like they did for Winter Games. Just heard about this so not many details, but it makes sense they’d do this in a year of the Summer Olympics,” Reality Steve continued.

If ABC does go ahead with this spinoff, its casting will be an interesting aspect. Bachelor in Paradise usually films in June, so Summer Games could possibly be filmed in full before BIP and thus, some contestants could take part in both spinoffs.

Of course, producers have many years’ worth of former contestants to pick from for these summer shows, especially if they pull in international contestants for Summer Games. Even so, some fans might say it could be a stretch to formulate two entirely different casts that would be successful in generating buzz and interest among franchise fans.

The Bachelor Winter Games did end with several couples together, but none of those lasted for long. Could a Summer Games version have more success?

For now, producers appear to be putting together a plan while also garnering interest among former contestants. If The Bachelor Summer Games does get a green light to film in May, additional details will probably emerge soon.

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