‘The Walking Dead’ Creator Robert Kirkman Reportedly Reveals The Cause Of The Zombie Plague

Did The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman finally spill the beans on what caused his zombie apocalypse? The writer told one of his fans the start of the whole thing came from outer space.

Kirkman was asked on Twitter if he would finally reveal what started the outbreak. The comic book version of the story came to an end last year. Despite the story being wrapped up, Kirkman didn’t reveal in the books how the whole thing started.

In response to the question, Kirkman tweeted back, “space spore.” While some fans of The Walking Dead tried to figure out if this was something hinted at, others believed he was trolling.

On both the television show and in the books, how the dead began walking again was never revealed. The series creator has claimed over the years the cause might never be revealed.

If his response on Thursday can be believed, he might have finally let the news slip. While some fans were convinced Kirkman was being facetious, the case was made he might have been hiding the truth in the nonchalant way he answered the question.

Comic Book pointed out The Walking Dead creator’s comments about what might have caused the outbreak was something “sci-fi” that was so out there it couldn’t be believed.

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman poses for pictures

The website also pointed out the idea of space spores might seem silly, but they could have been homages to one of the trailblazers of the zombie genre. George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead used outer space as the reason zombies walked the earth.

It was never revealed just what caused the outbreak in that movie either, but at one point scientists believed the cause of the brain-eating monsters was radiation from a space probe sent to Venus.

Kirkman even originally planned to make The Walking Dead books an unofficial continuation of Romero’s work. The idea of alien interaction is hardly new either. Kirkman has said he lied about the cause of the zombie outbreak when he was first pitching the idea for his books.

He claimed he told people the cause of the dead to come back to life was a race of aliens who were using the undead to conquer the world. He even hinted at the fake cause of the apocalypse in The Walking Dead issue No. 75 bonus ending.

Finally, fans who think Robert Kirkman wouldn’t ever drop the real reason for the world-ending virus in such a way, he did hint he could do it exactly that way. Comic Book says in a 2018 Q&A he said he might drop the cause of the end of the world casually, calling it a very “JK Rowling thing to do.”

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