Paris Hilton Posts A Teenage Selfie For ‘Throwback Thursday’ On Instagram

Paris Hilton took “Throwback Thursday” to a new level today with her Instagram share. She noted in the caption that the pouty selfie in the short clip was taken when she was 13-years-old.

In the video, young Paris was wearing a blue polka-dot top with thick straps, posing for an image that was cropped from her shoulders-up. She wore her blond hair down in a middle part, with a few wispy bangs framing her face. She used the flash to achieve the shot, which made her skin look flawless. Furthermore, the lighting made her eyes look especially blue.

The youngster also sported plenty of glossy lipstick and gave a full pout for the camera. She also appeared to be wearing purple eyeshadow, but no blush.

The backdrop was completely dark, so it was hard to tell where she was. However, it looked like she posed indoors.

Considering that the stunner was born in February 1981, the selfie was likely taken around 1994. This was quite a long time before social media as we know it existed.

Paris prides herself on being a trend-setter, so it’s not surprising that she had seemingly mastered the pouty look so early in life.

The photo was tagged in Bel Air, Los Angeles. She also tagged an account called Paris 2000s, which showcases throwback photos.

Paris’ admirers took to the comments section to compliment her new update, which got close to 60,000 likes and more than 800 comments within hours of posting.

“Fab af from the very beginning,” declared a follower.

“Haha perfected the selfie,” observed a fan.

“And before the age of 14 the ‘Paris Pout’ was polished and perfected ready for the world to see,” wrote an admirer.

One person had a question that the beauty stopped to answer.

“Did you filled [sic] your lips at 13?” they asked.

“No I am [100] all natural. I have had the same lips since I was a baby,” the TV personality responded, using an emoji to make her point.

Previously, the bombshell posted another throwback pic from her younger years on November 29, 2019. That time, it was a snap from when she was in the eighth grade — a group shot of Paris and her friends at their middle school graduation. She was snapped giving another pouty look, while her friends smiled widely in their white gowns and caps. The heiress had her hair down with a piece of her bangs falling in front of her face.

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