Thomas Markle Admits He Was ‘Jealous’ Watching Prince Charles Walk Meghan Down The Aisle At Her Wedding

Thomas Markle wasn’t at his daughter Meghan’s wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018, so the bride was walked down the aisle by Prince Charles instead. Since then, he has both suggested that she owes him money for what he has been through and that she has cheapened the royal family, indicating that their relationship is still on the rocks. However, in a recent documentary, the elder Markle opened up about his estrangement with Meghan, admitting that he wishes he was the one to walk her down the aisle.

According to Page Six, the 75-year-old said that he was forced to hide out to avoid the media and watched his daughter get married on television with the rest of the world, rather than being there for the big day.

“I stayed in a safe house and watched the wedding,” he said. “My daughter looked beautiful. I wish that I could have been there with her.”

Thomas was caught working with the paparazzi to stage photos just before Meghan’s big day, sparking rumors that he was skipping the wedding because of the scandal and fallout with his daughter. But he has maintained that he had a heart attack that prevented him from getting there in time.

“If I didn’t treat the heart attack, I wouldn’t be here now,” he said, going on to explain why he feels it was difficult for him to miss the ceremony.

“I was jealous because I really wanted to [walk Meghan down the aisle]. I admit I cried a bit about that. To this day, I can’t forget that moment.”

Since that day, Meghan and her father reportedly haven’t spoken, and he hasn’t met his grandson Archie. Thomas did say that his last conversation with Prince Harry over the phone didn’t end on a good note.

“It’s a shame I didn’t die because you both could pretend that you’re sad,” he recalled telling Harry before hanging up the phone.

Thomas says that he misses the daughter that he used to know, but he doesn’t know who this new woman is.

“Meghan was my most important relationship and my pride and joy,” he said.”I miss Meghan. I miss who she was. I don’t know she is now. That’s the problem.”

Thomas’ comments came during a documentary that is airing in the U.K., called Thomas Markle: My Story. In there, he also told cameras that Meghan has turned the monarchy into a “Walmart with a crown on.”

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