Kelly Ripa Reveals The Hilarious Reason She Had To Shut Down Daughter Lola Consuelos’ Debit Card

Kelly Ripa recently revealed that she had to do what most parents must at some point in the life of their adult children — teach them a lesson on spending. As fans of the television personality know, Ripa and her daughter, Lola Consuelos, are incredibly close, and the mother of three often jokes around with her only daughter on social media. Of course, Lola is also frequently a topic of conversation on Live with Kelly and Ryan, and Kelly loves to share funny stories about her kids and parenting on the popular morning show.

According to Fox News on Tuesday’s episode of Live, Ripa explained to her co-host, Ryan Seacrest — as well as to the studio audience and viewers at home — that she had to shut down her daughter’s debit card because the 18-year-old had gone on something of a spending spree with the popular meal delivery service Postmates. As told by the 49-year-old Kelly, Lola was ordering food almost nonstop instead of going to the cafeteria and using the meal plan that her parents had purchased for her.

“I didn’t know our daughter had Postmates,” the talk show host explained to the audience. “She’s at college and we signed her up for a meal plan, cause we’re not monsters. We signed her up for a meal program.”

“You know, she doesn’t like the meals at school so she was ordering Postmates,” Ripa continued. “Here’s what would happen. She would order the $7 salad but it would cost $25 dollars to have it delivered three blocks in New York City.”

Instead of letting things slide, Ripa revealed that she and her husband, Mark Consuelos, quickly shut down Lola’s debit card account in order to teach her a lesson. Currently, Lola is in her freshman year at New York University, where she is still close to home but living in the dorms. Ripa’s eldest son, Michael Consuelos, also attended school there, and now the famous couple are left with only one child at home — 16-year-old Joaquin.

This week’s incident was not the only time that Ripa embarrassed her daughter on television. Previously, The Inquisitr shared that the 18-year-old accidentally walked in on her parents when they were being intimate on her birthday. According to Kelly, when Lola opened the door, both parents shouted at her to get out before telling her to close the door. After that, Lola told her parents that they ruined her life as well as her birthday, and that she now sees everything in “gray.”

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