‘Game Of Thrones’ To Get Prequel HBO Series

HBO are considering releasing a Game Of Thrones prequel series, according to George RR Martin, the author of the fantasy novels.

Game Of Thrones has been a huge hit for HBO since it debuted in 2011, and the show’s third season is set to begin on March 31 in the United States.

Martin is currently writing a new series of novels, entitled Tales Of Dunk And Egg, and he has now revealed that it could be a prequel to the show.

“I have been writing for a number of years a series of novellas set in the same world, the world of Westeros, but a hundred years earlier, about two characters called Dunk and Egg,” Martin told IGN.

He then continued,”And I published three of those novellas, The Hedge Knight, The Sworn Sword, and The Mystery Knight, and I have in mind about nine or ten more novellas about the adventures of Dunk and Egg.”

Martin then explained,” So we have been playing with the idea of doing those as prequels. They would be prequels, in a sense, they’re a hundred years earlier but in the same world.

He even discussed the book’s tone, noting, “They’re somewhat lighter in tone than the main series, a little more adventurous. But my fans love them and I love the two characters too, and it all ties into Westeros history.”

It is thought that these events will take place around a 100 years before Game of Thrones. Martin currently has a development deal with HBO, and he has also discussed a science fiction show and a historical drama with the network.

These shows won’t be hitting screen anytime soon though according to Martin. “The trick is, I have to find another David Benioff and Dan Weiss. Because while I can come up with the ideas and the concepts for the show, I’m not in a position to write them because I have 3,000 more pages of the books to write, and that has to remain my top priority.”

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