WWE News: Triple H Reveals How Much Involvement Vince McMahon Has With NXT

When NXT moved to the USA Network back in September, many WWE fans thought that everything was going to change — but not for the better. They expected things to be taken over by Vince McMahon and that the brand could go the way of the red and the blue. With months behind their new television spot on Wednesday nights, Triple H recently revealed just how much his father-in-law has to do with the running of NXT.

Things have really been going well for the NXT brand as they dominated at the Survivor Series and will play a big role at Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 36. It has been said that it is no longer the place where superstars get called up from, but rather a part of the main roster along with Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown.

Recently, Triple H sat down with Alex McCarthy of All Things Wrestling (via YouTube) to discuss a number of topics. Of course, everyone knows that Trips has been an integral part of NXT’s success and that he has essentially let the talent speak for itself and do what they do best in this profession.

During the interview, Triple H was asked about how much McMahon has to do with the yellow brand. Despite what people think about WWE’s top boss, he really lets his son-in-law handle that brand and run it his own way.

With the Raw and SmackDown brands, it is known that Vince McMahon has the final say on pretty much everything. Vince took WWE in a “failing industry” during the 1980s and made it into a global giant, but he knows that things have changed and Triple H admits he knows that, as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.

“He’s also smart enough to understand the things that we do and where they go and how. If you’re asking for the simple answers, he’s not involved. Yeah, he’s gonna have some say in some things as far as where the brand sits and the marketing of it within USA.”

Triple H added that Vince “basically just said to make this thing a success” at the very beginning of the whole thing with NXT. Every now and then, the WWE boss will get on the phone with his son-in-law to see how things are going, but that’s about the extent of his involvement with the brand.

Many internet dirt sheets and fans on social media will always speculate that they know more about the wrestling business than anyone else. Vince McMahon is always going to be involved in what happens in WWE because it is his company and he wants it to run smoothly. When it comes to NXT, though, he trusts Triple H to make it successful. The results from the last few years have proven that things are working well.

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