‘Saints Row IV’: Deep Silver Shows Off Gameplay

Saints Row IV got shown off today at PAX East as Deep Silver gave us a glimpse of the gameplay.

Saints Row IV was originally considered DLC, but with everything going into it, the game has become a full-on sequel all by itself.

From the get-go as you play the game, your character has been elected President of the US, made apparent by the playing of a remix of “Hail to the Chief.” Within a minute, the new President is delivering crotch shots to pedestrians. Hmmm, what were his campaign promises again?

The ridiculous new weapons include the Inflate-O-Ray, which literally inflates people’s heads like balloons before they explode. Another is the dubstep gun, which makes everything in the area start to dance. Even nearby cars suddenly have hydraulics and start rising and dropping. There is even customization that turns regular weapons insane, such as one that turns your rocket launcher into a guitar case, or one that turns it into the classic Nintendo Super Scope. And don’t even get us started on the dildo bat. Yes, you read that right.

You also get super powers, which include some of the standard moves known from Prototype and Infamous, such as super-high leaps and gliding through the air, and even midair drop attacks. You can also freeze your opponent and shatter them like Mortal Kombat‘s Sub-Zero, as well as use telekinesis like a dark Jedi from Star Wars. Apparently, one of your super powers is the ability to walk around in the nude and not care about indecent exposure charges as you invade as many people’s personal space as possible before getting tazed.

There is also a multiplayer mode a bit like Tank Mayhem from Saints Row III, except you’re given a tank with two legs, almost like a parody of Metal Gear.

Now if you think that’s as weird as it gets, you also get to ride around in a police car and apprehend criminals like a murderous psychopath, cutting them down with chainsaws and such.

What do you think of Saints Row IV‘s gameplay details from Deep Silver?

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