Kim Kardashian Admits That North West’s Name Came From A Jay Leno Joke

North West can thank Jay Leno for having one of the most unique names in the history of celebrity children. In a Youtube video posted to Kylie Jenner’s channel Tuesday, showing Kylie doing Kim’s makeup, Kim Kardashian West revealed how she came up with her 6-year-old daughter’s unique name.

“I actually got it from Jay Leno, who made that as a joke.”

In March 2013, when a pregnant Kim appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the host asked if Kanye West and herself was considering the name North. Up until this point the name of their first born child had been a huge rumor mill to which the star would not give anyone including family clues.

According to a report by People, Kim laughed at the idea and denied any chances of her daughter being named North.

“There are so many rumors. That is not true. That is not one of the names on the list,” she said on the show.

The KKW Beauty founder then suggested the name “Easton” saying that it went well with West and that she thought the name was cute.

Even though she told the show host that she would not consider the name North, in the video Kim admitted that the name stuck with her. Those around her added their support by saying that it is a “cool” name.

Her sister learned that is was when family friend Pharrell Williams approached her with the meanings of the word “north” that she finally settled on it, remarking how North’s name truly suits her personality.

“They really become the name you name them.”

Kim also revealed how she came up with the names for Saint, Chicago and Psalm.

“Kanye came up with Saint,” she said. “Chicago took me like two weeks.”

“And Psalm, you named him,” Kim told her youngest sister.

“Well, you thought of it. I vouched for it,” Kylie replied.

The sisters showed that they really don’t take things seriously when they joked about Kim’s recent updates on her Instagram Story. E! News initially covered the Instagram post, in which Kim was seen posing in a SKIMS set in front of a seemly bare refrigerator. The post itself was to announce the restock of her coveted undergarment line SKIMS. Instead of being excited for the restocking of these often sold out pieces, fans had mixed reactions when it came to the refrigerator that looked like she allegedly didn’t have any food in to feed her children.

The SKIMS promotion post has since been removed but Kim has gone out her way to show the world that she has over five refrigerators, all stocked with various plant based and organic foods.

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