Ted Nugent Blames ‘Socialists’ For Gun Violence, Blasts Cubans And ‘Fat Chicks’

Ted Nugent has written a column for WorldNetDaily discussing gun violence, and he has some pretty radical conclusions about the causes of gun deaths in America — as well as what he believes are the deleterious effects of “fat chicks” and Cuban people on his health.

Ted Nugent‘s WND rant wasn’t the only place the aging former rock star went off, as he ragged on overweight women and people from Cuba as well in a subsequent radio interview with Pete Santilli.

Nugent said:

“My parents taught me that my gift of life is embodied in the sacred temple. So no drugs, no alcohol, no tobacco and no fat chicks. Stuff will kill you, Pete, I’m telling you, it’s deadly. But I have been known to chew on a Cuban, that’s a cigar. I wouldn’t chew on a Cuban, they haven’t figured out personal hygiene yet. But I do chew on a cigar once in a while when I shoot my machine gun around the camp fire.”

On WND, though, Nugent laid into the “leftist stoogists” he believes oppose and pose a threat to gun legality, saying they are the true reason gun violence is so relatively severe in America compared to analogous nations. While Europe experiences even lower rates of divorced or never-married parents, for instance, as well as lower numbers of religious people, Nugent claims the “leftist” agenda to erode families is to blame for gun deaths:

He says:

“Truth is, it is the socialist stooges who are responsible for violence. It is their policies that prevent good guys from arming and protecting themselves and creates the big lie of ‘gun free’ slaughter zones … It isn’t just anti-gun leftist policies that have enabled thugs to breed and prosper. The violence on America’s streets is the result of a number of other leftist big-government policies that have worked to destroy families and entire communities by discouraging accountability and rewarding dangerous behavior.”

Nugent goes on to claim that the “left” seeks to destroy things in order to deliberately fix them with “more government.”

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