Meghan McCain Rips ‘Garbage’ ‘New York Times’ For Endorsing Two Women Candidates: ‘I Was Laughing My A** Off’

The New York Times shocked many when it announced that it was endorsing two Democratic candidates in the 2020 election, but one person found the news outlet’s decision to be particularly offensive. Meghan McCain ripped into The Times on Tuesday’s episode of The View, calling the publication “garbage” and cowardly for its decision to endorse two women.

Earlier this week, The Times revealed that it was taking the unprecedented step of endorsing Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Amy Klobuchar in their runs to become the Democratic presidential nominee. According to Mediaite, McCain was upset with the outlet’s decision, and she let it all out on Tuesday’s show. Not only did she take issue with the publication endorsing two people, but she also felt they only chose to endorse the two candidates because they were women.

“Well, I was laughing my a** off when I read this,” McCain said. “First of all, you’re endorsing two women with two completely ideologically different views on their platforms… I’m sorry, everyone in here is gonna have to choose one. This is not how this works, and also, on the final point of this, you chose both of the women, just say ‘I want a woman, I don’t really care about politics, I don’t care about anything else.’ Just double down on identity politics.”

“I think it is a huge act of cowardice,” she added, but it’s exactly what she would expect “from this garbage publication.”

Co-host Joy Behar pushed back, saying that she didn’t think that the paper deserved to be called garbage, but McCain insisted that it did after the “cowardly” move.

Behar responded that one mistake doesn’t negate the entire history of the paper. Co-host Sunny Hostin chimed in to say that the endorsement came from the paper’s editorial board, which is a separate thing from the news arm of the paper.

McCain is no stranger to having a different opinion from the rest of the panel on the show. She recently said that she’s a “lone wolf” as rumors that she is increasingly an outcast on the show have heated up. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the daughter of late Arizona Sen. John McCain appears to no longer have any friends on the panel, particularly after her fellow conservative Abby Huntsman announced that she was leaving the show to help her father focus on his run for Utah’s governor. With Abby gone, she reportedly doesn’t have anyone to lean on behind the scenes.

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