Real Andrews Opens Up About His ‘General Hospital’ Return As Detective Marcus Taggert

Detective Marcus Taggert is back in Port Charles, and General Hospital fans are thrilled with this development. There had been a bit of speculation ahead of his first appearance last week that Taggert might have been the old friend Jordan had called, and that turned out to be the case. After 17 years away from the role, actor Real Andrews opened up in a Facebook Live broadcast about his return.

Monday evening, Andrews talked for nearly 20 minutes via a Facebook Live broadcast about his journey over the past 17 years. He was quite honest about everything he has been through, and he is clearly thrilled to be able to return to General Hospital now as Taggert.

Andrews admitted that when he originally left General Hospital 17 years ago, his work was not consistent and his ego was far too big. He had told himself at the time he had quit the show in a quest to pursue fame and money in Hollywood. He says that upon reflection, however, he came to realize he’d really been fired.

Since that departure, Andrews said that he has done a lot of work on himself and experienced a lot of personal growth. He noted that people often want to blame others for their struggles, and it took him a long time to move past that. The General Hospital star admits that there wasn’t a day that went by that he didn’t wish he could return to the show, and he spent a lot of time kicking himself for the bad choices he made.

In the years since then, Andrews embraced religion, and he makes it clear that this is central to how he turned his life around. He also shares that on Christmas Day, he celebrated his anniversary of being sober. The actor’s sobriety seemingly has played a very significant role in bringing him to the good place where he is now.

Andrews shares that eventually, he put his wish for a return to General Hospital in God’s hands. Three weeks later, he received a text from the show’s head casting director.

“I never gave up on that dream. I got frustrated, I got angry, I got all those things, but I never gave up on that dream. And the reality is, if it was even six months ago, I wouldn’t have been ready,” Andrews explains.

General Hospital spoilers have not pinned down how long Taggert will be back in Port Charles. However, based on how Andrews talked about the situation in his Facebook video, it sounds as if it may well be open-ended and long-term.

The actor urged his fans to never give up on their dreams, insisting that it is never too late to achieve them. Andrews said he’s been overwhelmed by all the unbelievable support he’s received in the past few days since Taggert’s return was revealed, and he noted that he’s grateful for it all.

Fans are quite excited to see Taggert back and are hopeful that the detective will be sticking around for the long-term. The detective obviously still has intense ties with Jason and Sonny, and now it seems he’s got a complicated past with Jordan as well.

Additional General Hospital spoilers about this upcoming Taggert storyline should emerge in the days ahead, and viewers can’t wait to see what’s on the way.

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