Shocking ‘The Young And The Restless’ Crossover Has Nick Ordering From An ‘Evil’ Bartender

Fans of The Young and the Restless received quite a shock today when the show returned from commercial. It just so happened that the ad before the show’s return was from the CBS Primetime show, Evil, which airs on Thursday nights at 9/8 Central.

In the quick and unexpected scene, Nick (Joshua Morrow) walked up to the bar at The Grand Phoenix Hotel, which his sister Abby (Melissa Ordway) owns. Nick looked rather stressed in the clip, and he asked an unseen bartender to give him something strong. Viewers couldn’t believe their eyes when a demonic-looking creature casually picked up a bottle of liquor and poured the elder Newman son a stiff drink.

Many viewers felt the clip had to be some sort of mistake, and several reported used their DVRs to rewind in an attempt to ensure that their eyes hadn’t deceived them. Some fans of the CBS Daytime drama took to social media to share their experience, and several other viewers replied that they’d seen the same thing.

“@YRInsider what is this @JoshuaMorrowYR????” asked one eagle-eyed fan who tweeted the clip recorded from his television.

Others quickly showed up online to explain the unexpected day player’s appearance on the soap.

“The new #YR heartthrob is more of a heart attack! Nick better not drink that. #Evil,” tweeted another fan, jokingly.

“When did Abby start hiring demons bartenders? Doesn’t The Phoenix have enough problems?” quipped another viewer in a reply.

The unlikely bartender who served Nick a drink is George from Evil, and Y&R isn’t the only recent appearance he’s made on CBS Daytime. He appeared with the women from The Talk on Friday, so while his presence in Genoa City was a shock, it isn’t entirely surprising. It seems as if George might be having several crossovers to help promote the primetime show.

There is no indication that George will be a permanent addition to the Y&R cast, though. If he did end up in a storyline, it would be quite a departure from the soap, which doesn’t often do any type of supernatural story arcs. For now, Nick is helping his daughter Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind) move back home from boarding school because Faith’s mom, Sharon (Sharon Case), is fighting breast cancer. It looks like Nick will step up for his ex-wife and become part of her support system as she undergoes chemotherapy, surgery, and other treatment for the disease. George doesn’t seem to fit into that story very well.

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