Atlanta Hawks’ Chandler Parsons Suffered Permanent Injuries In Car Crash That May End His Career

Atlanta Hawks forward Chandler Parsons may have sustained career-ending injuries after allegedly being hit by a drunk driver, according to TMZ.

Parsons was hit last week while driving in his Rolls-Royce and sustained a brain injury, as well as a disc herniation and torn labrum, according to his attorneys, John Morgan and Nick Panagakis. As a result of this, his NBA career could be over.

At the time of the crash, which resulted in a three-car pile-up, the alleged driver at fault was unable to answer most questions coherently and appeared to have “glossy eyes” at the scene. The accident report claims that the individual smelled of alcohol and was found to have a bottle of 7 Up in his car that also contained alcohol. The suspect has since admitted to drinking, as further stated.

It is believed that Parsons, 31, was on his way home from practice on January 15 when he was struck. The player’s lawyers released the following statement regarding the tragic accident.

“The at-fault driver created utter chaos on the roadway, needlessly endangering the lives of countless motorists; he now stands charged with DUI, admitted drinking, had alcohol in the car with him, passed out after causing a three-car crash at 2:00 p.m. on a Wednesday in a busy intersection, seriously injuring and potentially ending Mr. Parsons’ career as a professional athlete.”

The aforementioned statement also offered more details on Parsons’ path to recovery but did not provide information on the severity of his injuries.

“Chandler was in peak physical condition at the time of the wreck. He is now working with a team of doctors to regain his health.”

As further explained, Parsons is also having a hard time dealing with the defendant’s “reckless conduct on the roadway.”

Currently, all efforts are focused on helping the veteran forward recover. However, his attorneys are determined to make sure that “all responsible parties” are held “fully accountable” for their actions leading up to and including the accident.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, in recent months there have been rumors surrounding Parsons, who was among the players expected to be sent to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for their star center, Andre Drummond. However, the most recent reports state that the Hawks are no longer interested in making a deal.

Previously, Parsons has played for the Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, and the Memphis Grizzlies before joining the Hawks in a career that began in 2011.

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