‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers For Episode 3: Peter Faces A Pillow Fight, Country Dancing, & A Dramatic Pool Party

The Bachelor spoilers for Episode 3 airing Monday night suggest that Peter Weber is going to have his hands full. His ladies have been emotional and vocal already, and it sounds as if that’s only going to escalate. Peter’s ready to put that reunion with The Bachelorette Hannah Brown behind him, and some frontrunners may begin to emerge with this next round of dates.

According to ABC, there is still some more “Champagne-Gate” drama ahead. Hannah Ann Sluss and Kelsey Weier were both frustrated over the incident, and spoilers for The Bachelor reveal that this isn’t over yet.

A sneak peek shared on the show’s Instagram page details that the day after the champagne incident, Hannah Ann will be outside the mansion crying over what happened. Kelsey will come over and the two ladies will talk and try to smooth things over, but it doesn’t go well.

Hannah Ann will tearfully tell Kelsey that it wasn’t fair to curse at her. Kelsey will lash out and say it wasn’t okay to call her a bully. Some of the other women will seemingly be listening in as this conversation plays out and The Bachelor spoilers suggest that nothing much will be resolved at this point.

As things get dramatic at the mansion, Peter will apparently take Victoria Paul out on a one-on-one. They’ll do some country line dancing, and E! Online shares some additional details about what goes down.

Peter and Victoria will spend time at The Canyon, a place that The Bachelor star visits frequently in his regular life. The two will drive around a bit, and he’ll show her his high school and where he had his first date.

At The Canyon, Peter and Victoria will have dinner, do some dancing, and he’ll ride a mechanical bull. Unfortunately, The Bachelor spoilers note that he’ll fall off the bull and hurt his back, but it seems that the date goes well overall.

Episode 3 will also feature a group date that involves former contestant Demi Burnett. She’ll be in charge of an “Extreme Pillow Fight” and host Chris Harrison will be judging alongside Fred Willard.

According to spoiler blogger Reality Steve, this group date was filmed at the Cowboy Palace Saloon. Eight of Peter’s ladies were there, and the pillow fight battle came down to Sydney Hightower and Alayah Benavidez.

Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that the final battle will be quite aggressive and set the stage for additional drama later. Apparently, Alayah wins the final battle. Later on, however, Sydney pulls Peter aside and warns him that one woman is quite different around him in comparison to how she is around the ladies. It seems that it’s Alayah she’s talking about here.

There won’t be a cocktail party ahead of the third rose ceremony. Instead, per the latest spoilers for The Bachelor, a pool party will be held. Reality Steve says that Peter will be asking around about Alayah, and a lot of the women will share fairly negative feedback about her.

Victoria will be quite specific in her criticism of Alayah, and it seems that she won’t mention that the two used to be friendly via their respective beauty pageant experiences. Ultimately, Peter ends up eliminating Alayah, but that may not be the last that viewers see of her.

If Episode 3 wraps up with the rose ceremony, Reality Steve’s spoilers note that viewers will also see Alexa Caves, Sarah Coffin, and Jasmine Nguyen eliminated.

Does Peter find love this season? He’s made a point of playing coy about this, insisting that Reality Steve won’t uncover how his season ends.

So far, the blogger has been unable to pin down who Peter is with now or how things end, but he insists he’ll figure it out and he feels he’s getting close. Episode 3 will seemingly be packed with drama, and fans will be anxious to see just how catty these next encounters get.

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