Ariana Madix Approaches Lisa Vanderpump In Hopes Of Getting Her Job Back At SUR In ‘Pump Rules’ Sneak Peek

Scheana Marie revealed during the premiere episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 8 that Ariana Madix was no longer working at SUR Restaurant. However, during the series’ second episode of the new season, Madix will be seen meeting with owner Lisa Vanderpump in hopes of getting her job back.

In a clip shared by Bravo on January 7, Vanderpump wonders why Madix is interested in coming back to her bartending gig at the West Hollywood hotspot after she explains to her that she would like to take on one shift a week.

“I don’t like sitting at home and not working. It really bothers me to be sitting around,” Madix says.

At that point, Vanderpump brings up the fact that Madix said some not-so-nice things about her publicly months prior. She adds that she’s “mystified” that Madix would want to return to a restaurant she owns. She even goes as far as to accuse Madix of talking “sh*t” after she graciously employed her for 10 years.

During her cast confessional, Vanderpump told the cameras that she wouldn’t have said a thing to Madix about the issue if she was working for her because she understands that everyone has an opinion of their boss. However, because Madix wasn’t working for her at the time of their conversation and was instead looking for a favor, she felt it was appropriate for her to speak her mind.

In response to being called out by Vanderpump, Madix said she was simply impacted by what Tom Sandoval was bringing home. But according to Vanderpump, the fact that she offered Sandoval a role in her TomTom restaurant was the biggest compliment she could have ever given him.

As fans will recall, Madix called out Vanderpump during a 2019 episode of Vanderpump Rules for suggesting that Sandoval wasn’t taking his job at their restaurant seriously.

“My feelings were really hurt,” Vanderpump recalls.

According to Madix, she gets really emotional about anything involving Sandoval but hopes that she and Vanderpump can repair their relationship, regardless of whether or not she’s welcomed back to the restaurant.

“I want you to see me as somebody who’s going to grow and become somebody like you, like a business owner like you,” Madix explains.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, it was first confirmed that Madix was no longer working at SUR Restaurant during Tuesday night’s show as new cast member Brett Caprioni was introduced to Jax Taylor.

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