Nancy Lee Grahn Teases Big Personal News, ‘General Hospital’ Star Shares Sweet Snap On Instagram

Nancy Lee Grahn portrays Alexis Davis on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Actress Nancy Lee Grahn plays Alexis Davis on General Hospital, and for years, her character’s love life has been quite messy. However, Nancy has been teasing in Instagram posts for a while now that her love life off-screen has been going quite well, and she just shared a major update on this front.

According to a new Instagram post that Nancy shared on Friday morning, she is getting married soon. The photo she posted showed her kissing her fiance, and she said it was taken in his hometown of Eugene, Oregon. In fact, the General Hospital star detailed, they were standing in the same spot where he got his first kiss.

This sweet photo is just the latest in a string of teasers the General Hospital star has shared in recent months. This past April, Nancy had fans buzzing that perhaps she had already gotten married after a cryptic Instagram post raised some questions. She seemingly never shared any context for that post, but it later became clear that she hadn’t gotten married yet.

In May, Nancy posted a picture on Instagram showing her kissing her beau, joking about how it took her 60 years to find this. In September, the General Hospital actress noted on Twitter that she would be joining the “Filthy Mouthed Wife” club in 2020.

The quip in this tweet was clearly a reference to President Donald Trump calling Chrissy Teigen a filthy-mouthed wife after Chrissy’s husband John Legend appeared in an MSNBC town hall about criminal justice reform. Nancy tends to be rather outspoken about the president via her social media pages, and apparently she couldn’t pass up commenting on this particular incident.

Nancy hasn’t publicly revealed when her wedding is taking place. However, based on this new Instagram post, it sounds likely that it’s coming in early 2020. General Hospital fans loved this new post and excitedly posted their congratulations.

The actress has become somewhat more open on social media about her love for her fiance in recent months, but she has still kept all of this fairly private. She never refers to her fiance by name, but she has shared that he is a musician.

According to ABC Soaps in Depth, Nancy’s fiance is a jazz musician as well as a music professor at the University of Southern California.

It seems rather unlikely that Nancy will have a formal, splashy wedding or share much about it via the media. However, General Hospital fans would guess that she will probably share a sweet photo or two on her Instagram page after the wedding takes place, and they’ll be anxious for details.