Drake Opens Up About Rihanna, Kanye West & Pusha T In Unprecedented Interview

Drake gave his fans an unexpected Christmas gift with his most candid interview in years on the Rap Radar podcast. In the sprawling two-hour interview, Drake gave hosts Elliott Wilson and Brian “B.Dot” Miller updates on the current status of his relationship with the likes of Rihanna, Chris Brown, Kanye West, and of course his rap nemesis Pusha T, as reported by E! Online.

The Toronto-born rapper’s 2018 was dominated by his feud with Pusha T with the two exchanging diss records over the summer. Most fans gave Pusha the edge in the battle after he released “The Story of Adidon.” The song revealed that Drake had fathered a child with model Sophie Brussaux, which at the time was not public knowledge. Drake would go on to acknowledge becoming a father on his album Scorpion, which was released later that summer. Pusha’s knowledge of Drake’s personal life dragged Kanye West into the feud, with Drake accusing the rapper and producer of passing the information to his rival.

More than a year later, Drake revealed that he is in a “healing place” in regard to the feud, but there is little chance that the two can mend their issues.

“I have no desire to ever mend anything with that person,” said Drake. “That situation just went where it went and there is no turning back.”

He did give Pusha credit for “The Story of Adidon,” calling it a “chess move” that effectively ended the battle.

As for West, Drake reiterated that Kanye is still his favorite artist despite what happened and that he still feels all the positive things that he has said about him in the past.

However, Drake added, “Things have changed. I’m not just some kid that’s a fan anymore. Now we have personal situations, and like I said, a lot of his issues with me, I can’t fix them for him.”

While reconciliation between Drake, West, and Push T doesn’t appear to be on the horizon, the rapper did squash one longtime feud in 2019. Drake’s guest appearance on Chris Brown’s “No Guidance” signaled an end to a beef that had resulted in violence in the past.

The central issue between the two was their respective relationships with pop superstar Rihanna, which Drake admitted caused “resentment” between the two whenever they tried to work together in the past.

Drake explained the situation without naming Rihanna.

“You know, really at the end of the day, when you kind of step away from it and break it down, you start to feel silly because it’s over girl stuff, but obviously that could snowball into real **** and that’s what happened in this situation.”

Drake revealed that because Rihanna had completely moved on from both of them and had no involvement in their lives, it was possible for them to get back on friendlier terms, but Drake was concerned that she may feel “disrespected” by the collaboration. Drake hoped that Rihanna would be happy to see them end their feud and reiterated that he has “upmost love and respect” for her.

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