Stassie Karanikolaou Gifts Her Dad A High-Powered Christmas Present

Stassie Karanikolaou went all out for her dad’s Christmas present this year. The 22-year-old model, who is used to a lavish lifestyle — for which she wears high-end designer clothing and for which she takes exotic vacations — wanted to share some of that excess with her father, Perry.

To that end, she bought him a car. However, the new car wasn’t just a generic vehicle that would simply get him to work and back without incident. For her dad, she bought him the best money can buy: a brand-new Tesla.

Father and daughter stood on either side of the white ride that had been endowed with a big red bow on the hood. Both parties seemed excited by the expensive object of affection that Stassie bestowed on the first man who came into her life.

She rocked a red sweatsuit, including a hooded top with long sleeves and a cropped finish, paired with red bottoms and white sneakers. Her blond hair, parted in the middle, was down and straight as she put one arm up in the air and the other arm down in front of the car with her palm up.

Dad Perry wore a dark overcoat over a blue-and-white striped shirt with buttons down the front and a starched collar. He had one arm gesturing to his newest acquisition while the other arm was down and holding onto a pair of eyeglasses.

Their smiles were infectious as the two admired the rare vehicle that had been parked on a suburban street featuring a number of trees, including a palm tree, and a couple of houses. Even the overcast day did not seem to affect Stassie and Perry’s happiness.

Stassie’s 6.5 million Instagram followers seemed to approve of her high-powered holiday present given to her father. Within the hour of her social media update being posted, she received more than 387,000 likes, including one from pal Kylie Jenner.

In addition, the post earned 735-plus comments. Many used emoji — including the symbols for fire, trophies, red hearts, and rocket ships — to show how they were feeling, while hundreds of others used words to express their thoughts about this over-the-top holiday gift.

“Your dad raised a cutie,” commented one of Stassie’s social media followers.

“Well that’s a nice car,” said a second admirer.

“Thought that was Obama for a second,” stated a third follower, who added a crying-laughing emoji to the comment that referred to Stassie’s dad.

“She got tesla money,” remarked a fourth fan, who added a peeping eyes emoji.

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