‘One Piece’ Episode 915 Spoilers, Recap: Emperor Kaido Beats Luffy In One-On-One Fight

The latest episode of One Piece, which is titled “One Shot, One Kill – Thunder Bagua!,” finally featured the conclusion of the battle between Straw Hat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy and Beast Pirates captain and Emperor Kaido. Despite successfully landing critical strikes against Emperor Kaido, Luffy still ended up suffering a massive defeat, showing the huge difference in their power level.

One Piece Episode 915 showed Luffy launching multiple punches against Emperor Kaido. At first, Emperor Kaido’s dragon form looked helpless against Luffy. The Straw Hat Pirates captain turned Emperor Kaido into a punching bag and was not giving him the opportunity to retaliate. When he sent Emperor Kaido to the ground for the second time, most people who were watching the fight couldn’t hide their amusement, including Heart Pirates captain Trafalgar D. Water Law, Hawkins Pirates captain and Beast Pirates Headliner Basil Hawkins, and Thief Brigade Chief Shutenmaru.

While Emperor Kaido was unconscious, Law tried to convince Luffy to return to their headquarters. However, Luffy didn’t listen to Law. Luffy was covered with a red and black aura, and looked ready to kill Emperor Kaido and avenge his allies, whom he believed were caught by his Fire Blast at the ruins of Oden’s castle. One Piece Episode 915 featured Luffy and Emperor Kaido bringing their fight to the next level.

After being knocked down by Luffy, Emperor Kaido returned to his human form. Emperor Kaido was still drunk when he became human again, which allowed Luffy to attack him with ease. Seeing that his attacks weren’t creating much damage on Emperor Kaido, Luffy decided to unleash Gear Fourth Bounceman. Emperor Kaido once again received multiple powerful blows from Luffy, but instead of being weakened, it helped him return to his normal self.

Emperor Kaido immediately picked up his club to launch a powerful attack against Luffy, who’s preparing to hit him with Gomu Gomu no King Kong Gun. Both attacks landed successfully, but Emperor Kaido proved to be on a different level than Luffy. With just one hit of Thunder Bagua, Emperor Kaido managed to defeat Luffy.

The final scenes of One Piece Episode 915 featured an unconscious Luffy lying on the ground. Law tried to save Luffy using his devil fruit power, but he was stopped by Hawkins and his subordinates. Before Law teleported Luffy to a safe location, Hawkins hit him with a nail made with Seastones. Law quickly removed the nail in his arms and escaped, but he failed to bring Luffy with him.

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