Bernie Sanders Endorses Cenk Uygur For Congress

A composite image of Bernie Sanders and Cenk Uygur
Win McNamee/Phillip Faraone / Getty Images

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, has endorsed congressional candidate Cenk Uygur.

Uygur, founder of the progressive news organization, The Young Turks, is running to replace Rep. Katie Hill, who represented the 25th Congressional District.

Uygur announced the endorsement on Thursday, via Twitter.

“I’m endorsing Cenk because I know he will serve ordinary people, not powerful special interests. He is a voice that we desperately need in Congress & will be a great representative for CA-25 and the country,” Sanders said in a statement, praising the insurgent candidate for providing a platform for progressive journalists.

“For years, Cenk has inspired people all across the country to organize against corrupt forces in our politics, and now he’s organizing the people in his district to do the same,” Sanders continued, adding that Uygur is “a voice that we desperately need in Congress.”

As stated on Uygur’s official campaign website,, his main focus are the following issues: corruption, wages, healthcare, immigration, climate change, and small businesses.

According to Uygur, the American economy is rigged in favor of the rich, namely because politicians from both parties take campaign contributions from wealthy individuals, which results in Congress passing legislation meant to accommodate the top 1 percent.

Uygur is the only candidate in the race who supports a single payer healthcare system, which he claims other politicians — including Democrats — don’t support because they take campaign contributions from the healthcare industry.

“Immigrants built this country — if you attack them, you attack all of us,” Uygur wrote on his website, railing against President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

According to Uygur, who supports the Green New Deal, politicians have done nothing to stand up to the the oil and gas industry, and corporations, such as Exxon-Mobil, are “privatizing the gains and socializing the losses,” as districts across the United States — including the 25th district — continue to feel the devastating effects of climate change.

The progressive Democrat is also vowing to protect small businesses from corporations, which he claims “buy off” politicians in order to rig the market.

“If you’re a small business owner, I’m not going to let big business run over you anymore,” Uygur’s website states.

Thank you @BernieSanders!#NotMeUs

— Cenk Uygur (@cenkuygur) December 12, 2019

Former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, infamous for serving in prison for his involvement in the Trump-Russia case, is also running for Hill’s former seat, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Right-wing provocateur Mike Cernovich is also considering a run.

However, Uygur’s most formidable opponent will likely be California Assemblywoman Christy Smith, a Democrat.

Sanders is one of the favorites to win the Democratic nomination for president, polls suggest, and his popularity among progressives could help boost Uygur’s campaign.