Jessa Duggar’s Husband, Ben Seewald, Pokes Fun About Their ‘Coffee-Drinking’ Son

Jessa Duggar isn’t the only one who is going strong on social media. Her husband, Ben Seewald, has also been sharing plenty of posts on his Instagram account. Ben took a couple of years off from posting, but just recently started back up again when the new season of Counting On began. On Wednesday, the reality star sent out a sweet photo and a video clip of his and Jessa’s oldest child, Spurgeon, enjoying a hot drink.

The snapshot was of Spurgeon, 3, standing in the middle of the family living room wearing a blue printed jersey with his adorable mop of messy curls showing. But that isn’t the main focus of the Instagram photo.

In it, the little guy is seen holding a coffee shop cup up to his mouth and sipping from it. Ben revealed in the caption that his son always loves to have the very last bit of his parent’s coffee. This time, however, things were a little different. He toted that Spurgeon got his very first kid-sized cup of his own to enjoy. Ben explained what was in the cup as well. He described it as having “4 shots of espresso with a touch of cream.”

That, of course, turned out to be a joke. The next paragraph told the real story. The drink was not coffee at all. It was a cup of hot chocolate, and Spurgeon apparently enjoyed it to the last drop.

Once Duggar fans swiped to the right, there was a sweet video clip that had the boy sitting on the sofa explaining how his mom got him the hot chocolate, but that it wasn’t quite so hot anymore. He called it “warm chocolate.”

It also appears that Ben and Jessa have taught their son some manners. At the end of the clip, Spurgeon thanks his mom in the most polite way. Ben’s Instagram followers just couldn’t take all the cuteness.

“Oh my heart,” one person wrote followed by three blue heart emojis.

Others loved how the Duggar son-in-law poked a little fun at the prospect of Spurgeon being a regular coffee drinker. There have been plenty of people who have mom-shamed Jessa in the past whenever they see a coffee cup in Spurgeon’s hand. Some had previously assumed that she was giving her son coffee and proceeded to slam her about it. This time, Ben made a little joke about it and gave fans a good laugh.

Hot chocolate isn’t the only sweet thing that Spurgeon likes. Earlier this month, Jessa and Ben took their three kids out for donuts. Henry, 2, and his older brother, were seen picking out the sweet confection and loving every bite.

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