AEW News: Superstar Says Company Is Inclusive And Safe For LGBTQ Wrestlers

As quoted by 411Mania, Nyla Rose recently spoke with Ring the Belle about All Elite Wrestling‘s dedication to creating a diverse company. According to the transgender superstar, the locker room is supportive of performers from all backgrounds — regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, shape or size.

“It’s such a different environment. It’s very warm, very welcoming. Granted, when we’re running TV, everybody’s a little stressed, like ‘get out of the way!’ But no, it’s very warm, very welcoming. But everybody feels like a family. Like many families, we bicker and fight. We handle that all in the ring, but it’s been very welcoming.”

Rose is the first transgender athlete to compete for a mainstream wrestling promotion, but the company didn’t hire her for the sake of publicity. As Ringside News noted, Brandi Rhodes told Collider that she didn’t know Rose was transgender when they hired her. Rose was given the job based on her talent, which is what the AEW looks for first and foremost, according to Rhodes.

However, it hasn’t been an easy transition for Rose. As The Inquisitr previously reported, she revealed that some fans are having difficulty accepting transgender athletes in wrestling. Rose hopes that fans who haven’t come around yet will get over her gender identification and dislike her on the basis of being an effective heel — a term that refers to wrestlers who act as antagonists.

During the interview, Rose also revealed that AEW has promoted diversity by giving a platform to Marko Stunt — a performer who is known for his small stature. Rose believes that several AEW superstars don’t fit traditional wrestling archetypes, saying that every single superstar has the potential to be the face of the company.

Fellow LGBTQ superstar Sonny Kiss has also opened up about AEW’s approach to inclusion. As documented by Wrestling Inc, the superstar revealed that the company doesn’t have an agenda to change people’s viewpoints. Kiss explained that he isn’t at the company to win over disapproving audience members.

Kiss also stated that he isn’t portraying a character — his flamboyant and feminine characteristics are his everyday personality traits. the company has encouraged him to just be himself.

AEW wants to make wrestling a welcoming experience for everyone, which is why they have been recruiting role models from the LGBTQ community. This push for inclusion differentiates the brand from WWE, as Vince McMahon’s company has a tainted history when it comes to representation.

For the most part, AEW fans appear to be supporting the company’s progressive values.

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