Is Instagram Down? Users Report Issues Accessing App

Hoping to share a photo of your Thanksgiving meal prep to Instagram this morning? It might not be possible, as users across the globe reported having trouble accessing the service this Thursday, according to Down Detector.

According to Down Detector — which tracks the status of popular social media services including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook — users of the social media platform in North America, South America, and in some parts of Europe reported issues accessing their Instagram feeds. The problem seemed to begin at around 9 a.m. on the East Coast, and has persisted for nearly an hour as of this writing, per Down Detector.

The majority of problems – about 74 percent – reportedly pertain to users having issues accessing their photo feeds on the social network. A further 14 percent reported having issues logging into their Instagram account, and about 10 percent of users reported having trouble viewing Instagram Stories.

Users took to another social media platform to note that they were having issues using Instagram. On Twitter, one user joked that the Instagram outage would force users in the United States to actually talk to their families while celebrating Thanksgiving.

“Instagram watching us complain about it being down knowing they’re forcing us to talk to family members,” she wrote.

So many people took to Twitter to share news about Instagram being offline that the topic #InstagramDown trended on the website on Thursday morning.

One user used the hashtag to remind people that there was more to life than sharing photos on social media.

“If #instagramdown makes you feel down, check your priorities and your mental health,” the user wrote. “It’s just an app. Text someone. Call someone. Go out and do something.”

Some users participating on the #InstagramDown hashtag even reported having issues accessing Facebook on Thursday morning. While Down Detector has not confirmed reports of issues accessing Facebook, Instagram is owned and operated by the Menlo Park, California, company.

According to Down Detector, Instagram users seem to regularly report issues accessing the service, with the last outages being reported on November 25, 21, and 20. The Thursday outage appears to be more widespread than some of the other recent Instagram issues, however, which is what has caused the flood of users to Twitter earlier today.

Given that so many people are celebrating Thanksgiving in the United States, Instagram could be facing a higher-than-average volume of individuals attempting to access and post to the social media service, as many workers throughout the country have the day off from their jobs.

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