‘One Piece’ Episode 911 Reveals Confidential Details Of Secret Raid Operation Against Emperor Kaido

The latest episode of One Piece — which is titled “Bringing Down the Emperor of the Sea! A Secret Raid Operation Begins!” — featured the continuation of the flashback of Kozuki Momonosuke and some members of the Nine Red Scabbards when they traveled through time using Kozuki Toki’s devil fruit power. It also revealed some confidential details of the Straw Hat Pirates alliance’s plan to take down Shogun Kurozumi Orochi, Emperor Kaido, and the Beast Pirates.

One Piece Episode 911 started with Momonosuke and his retainers arriving in the Land of Wano 20 years after his father, Lord Kozuki Oden, was executed by Shogun Orochi and Emperor Kaido. Momonosuke cried and was already losing hope. Though they managed to travel to the future, he said that they didn’t have enough men to go up against their enemies.

As Kinemon comforted his master, several people appeared at the ruins of Oden’s castle. Kinemon and the others prepared to fight, but it turned out that the people that showed up were their allies. One retainer of the Kozuki Clan and their subordinates vowed to Momonosuke, saying that they finally confirmed that Lady Toki’s last words were real. Momonosuke ordered the retainer to tell him his mother’s last words before the enemies took her life.

“You are the moon unaware of the dawn,” Toki said. “May your purpose be fulfilled and cast nine shadows on the night woven of 20 years and you shall know the brilliance of the dawn.”

Most of the people who are loyal to Lord Oden believe that Lady Toki’s last words suggested that the Kozuki Clan would have their revenge 20 years later. Though it was hard for them to believe that such a thing could happen, they still waited for the return of Momonosuke and the Nine Red Scabbards in the Land of Wano. Since then, Kinemon and the others had started gathering strong allies that would give them a strong chance of accomplishing their mission to free the Land of Wano from the hands of Shogun Orochi and Emperor Kaido.

As of now, they already have Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, Trafalgar D. Water Law and the Heart Pirates, as well as Nekomamushi, Inuarashi, and the mink tribe joining them in the final battle. One Piece Episode 911 featured Kinemon revealing some confidential details of their secret raid operation at Onigashima.

Kinemon said that they were carefully distributing papers to the people who have reversed crescent moon tattoos in their ankles. The papers have two birds on fire and a Habu and a reversed crescent moon. These symbols mean that on the day of the Fire Festival, on the second hour of the bird (5:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. on clocks overseas) at Habu Port, all of them would meet and start their battle against the combined forces of Shogun Orochi and Emperor Kaido.

Two weeks before the much-awaited war, Kinemon has given their allies important missions that would help them with their plan. The Straw Hat Pirates spread throughout the Land of Wano and were given specific tasks. Kinemon also gave them clothing that would prevent the enemies from recognizing them as outsiders.

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