Jessa Duggar Responds To Criticism Of Instagram Photo Of Amazon Deliveries Stacked On Her Doorstep

Jessa Duggar and her family are getting ready for the Christmas holidays, and this means that there’s a lot of shopping to be done. On Wednesday, the 27-year-old mother-of-three took to Instagram to share a post about ordering gifts online. When one of her followers expressed surprise that Jessa was purchasing new items, the Counting On star gave the critic a lesson in her shopping habits.

Jessa Duggar’s Instagram post included a photo of her husband, 24-year-old Ben Seewald, holding the couple’s front door open with one hand. The other hand was positioned behind his head, and he had a mock expression of shock on his face. His feigned reaction was to the pile of large Amazon boxes sitting on the doorstep. There were four boxes total, including one marked with a “Heavy” sticker.

In the caption of her post, Jessa asked her fans to share some of their “favorite online gift finds.” However, a remark about Jessa buying new instead of used sparked a heated discussion in the comments section of her post.

“I’m surprised. I thought you prefer to buy used,” read the response in question.

Many of Jessa’s followers were quick to jump to her defense.

“Just because she likes to buy used doesn’t mean she has to buy everything used I buy a ton of stuff second hand but you gotta love amazon,” wrote one fan.

“Geez these people can’t even Christmas shop without judgement. My goodness let them live,” another remarked.

Jessa Duggar responded to the initial remark by revealing that she doesn’t buy everything used. As reported by In Touch Weekly, the Duggars’ famous family motto is “buy used, save the difference.” However, they can’t always practice what they preach when it comes to certain items.

According to Jessa, her Christmas shopping game plan is to look for used items first before she resorts to purchasing new playthings for her kids: Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 2, and Ivy Jane, 5 months.

“We do both. @rhealanasofnwa has lots of great kids toys and things that are gently used, so we always check out their stuff first for the kiddos!” Jessa wrote.

The place Jessa mentioned in her comment was a consignment business near her home in Northwest Arkansas. In response to a fan who asked her what she bought from Amazon, Jessa revealed that the massive boxes pictured on her doorstep didn’t contain new toys for her tots.

“This was some stuff to pack in shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child,” Jessa wrote.

While Jessa doesn’t always buy used, she does enjoy showing off her thrift store finds on social media. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she revealed that she was buying some of Ivy Jane’s clothing at a consignment sale a few months after the little girl was born, and she couldn’t contain her excitement over getting to shop for girl’s clothing.

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