Americans Want Their 2020 Candidate To Win More Than Their Favorite Sports Team, Poll Says

The 2020 presidential election seems to be drawing much more hype and excitement than America’s favorite sports teams, according to a new poll that revealed Americans’ desire for a political victory outweighs their dreams of a championship run by their preferred sports teams.

According to Fox Business, a Seton Hall University poll released on Friday made clear the priorities of most Americans, showing that 74 percent of respondents would rather have their favorite presidential candidate win in 2020 than watch their team march to victory.

In contrast, only 19 percent had the opposite viewpoint, still placing their interests in sports over politics. Six percent of those surveyed didn’t have an opinion on the matter or were undecided.

The poll was taken via telephone in a two-day span from November 18-20 and carried a 3.7 percent plus or minus margin of error.

Breaking down the demographics into gender, male respondents still overwhelmingly, at 64 percent, want their political candidate to claim victory in 2020 instead of their home team, but 28 percent were focused on a sports championship, which was more than double than female respondents, with only 11 percent cheering for sports over politics.

With 84 percent, women made it clear in the Seton Hall University poll that they’re much more interested in seeing their favorite political candidate win the White House come November 2020.

Rick Gentile, director of the poll, described the difference between men and women’s outlook of sports versus politics.

“In the last two presidential elections voter turnout has been between 58 and 60 percent,” Gentile said.

“It shouldn’t be a surprise that many men care more about the outcome of a baseball or a football season than the political future of the country – but it is alarming.”

The poll also gave respondents a choice when asking if they racked up more hours watching sports, the live impeachment hearings or entertainment-based shows over the past week. Forty percent said they had their televisions tuned to entertainment shows and 28 percent claimed they watched sports. The impeachment hearings were the least important to those polled, coming in at only 21 percent.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a recent poll indicated that Americans are essentially split down the middle on whether or not Trump should face impeachment.

A Yahoo News/YouGov poll taken after a majority of the witnesses testified in front of the House Intelligence Committee revealed that 48 percent think Trump should be impeached and that 45 percent are against the president’s impeachment.

Seven percent of respondents said they hadn’t decided yet on whether or not Trump should be impeached, which could be a snapshot of a percentage of those around the country who could still be persuaded one way or the other, according to Yahoo News writer Andrew Romano.

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